Dutch brand Spyker meets 2022.

Dutch brand Spyker meets 2022.

Dutch brand Spyker meets 2022.

Dutch brand Spyker meets 2022. Spyker revival: Russian oligarchs are back, bodies will be made in Russia.

The Dutch brand Spyker welcomes the year 2022 with new hopes, but old plans: Russian businessmen Boris Rotenberg and Mikhail Pessis have returned to the game — with their money Spyker will resume car production, with carbon fiber bodies for them to be made in Russia.

Spyker had a difficult and complicated fate, worthy of a drama series.

The original company with that name existed in the period from 1880 to 1926, and between the dates of its birth and death it went through two bankruptcies.

The new history of Spyker began in 1999 through the efforts of the Dutch businessman Viktor Mueller: his revived company has invaded luxury segment of the car market with spectacular sports cars, equipped with V8 engines from Audi.

In 2009, production of Spyker sports cars ceased because of the financial crisis, in which the company plunged as a result of the failed purchase of Saab from GM.

Dutch brand Spyker meets 2022.

Then there was litigation with GM, attempts to find new investors and restructuring in 2015, after which Spyker announced several new products, but could not put them into production — not enough money.

In August 2020, Muller announced the good news that Spyker had investors from Russia — Boris Rotenberg and Mikhail Pessis.

Both are co-owners of multi-profile and quite successful racing team SMP Racing.

Rotenberg is also the owner of the engineering company BR Engineering, which develops racing cars, and Pessis has the Milan Morady design studio in Luxembourg, which previously worked with Spyker, and the R-Company tuning studio in Germany.

Dutch brand Spyker meets 2022.

The 2020 model plan called for production of the B6 Venator sports car, C8 Preliator and D8 Peking-to-Paris SSUV crossover in Germany to begin in 2021, as well as a revival of Spyker’s motorsports program.

None of this happened in 2021, as Müller did not receive the promised money from Russian businessmen and was forced to initiate bankruptcy proceedings against the company last January.

In August 2021, Spyker’s external manager said he was ready to sell the rights to the brand to pay off the company’s debts, but that has not happened yet.

On the eve of the New Year (2022) Mueller issued a press release (he is quoted by automobilsport.com) that the deal with Rotenberg and Passis will still take place — allegedly on 20 December during negotiations an agreement was reached between all parties, but the official papers have not yet been signed.

Dutch brand Spyker meets 2022.

The release mentions not Spyker NV, but Spyker Ltd — a new company registered by Muller in the UK, with headquarters and accounting will be located in Luxembourg.

The development of cars will be done in Germany and Russia, carbon fiber body will be made in Russia (apparently, at BR Engineering facilities) and the final assembly will be set up at a new site in the Netherlands to preserve the historical continuity of the brand.

But for some reason the service centers will be opened in France — on the Côte d’Azur and near the Belgian and Luxembourg borders.

Such an interesting geography that is not quite clear from the point of view of economic efficiency.

The volume of investments and possible shares of new investors in the company have not been specified yet — it is only known that Muller remains the CEO.

Dutch brand Spyker meets 2022.

Also in the new release confirmed the intention to return Spyker in motorsports, but still do not know where, when and in what disciplines.

As for road models, redesigned versions of the aforementioned B6 Venator, C8 Preliator and D8 Peking-to-Paris SSUV with V8 gasoline engines are scheduled to go into production in 2022 (the B6 Venator will probably change its index).

In 2017, Spyker stated its intention to switch from Audi engines to Koenigsegg, but now the supplier is not named.

In the future, the possibility of switching to hybrid powertrains is being considered, but we are not talking about electric cars yet.

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