Electric Harley-Davidson 2019 model year.

Electric Harley-Davidson 2019 model year.

Of course, it would be naive to believe that more and more every year the devouring planet ekobum, so powerfully took root in the auto segment, will bypass two-wheeled iron horses. In general, for 2010, you can confidently glue a label with the notorious lightning. After all, she even managed to hit the bones of a conservative in motorcycle production, like Harley-Davidson.

Yes, yes, that same legendary god of all bikers and rockers. He became a hero of the mass of blockbusters. Also incredibly close friend to hundreds of thousands of his followers. And he could not resist the inexorable pace of progress, demonstrating in 2014, his first electric concept LiveWire.

Electric Harley-Davidson 2019 model year.

He made his debut in a rather original way. Many remember the same scene with the stunning Scarlett Johansson in «The Avengers: The Age of the Altron.» But by now the prototype has become hopelessly outdated.
Only 53-89 km of power reserve without recharging, depending on the level of performance, the ceiling of 160 km / h. Quite mediocre power with a completely inexpressive design. It is enough to see what models are being created in East Asia. Also commissioned by the Emirates by Italian designers. Immediately you understand who is traveling with the flag ahead of the world motor-column in fact.

Electric Harley-Davidson 2019 model year.


But, Matt Levatich is not discouraged. He confidently asserts that in the next year and a half he is going to crush the whole market of electric bikes. For this purpose it is planned to spend annually on bringing to mind and launching in the series of this concept around 25-50 million dollars. Well, the amount inspires. Knowing the talent of the design office of the brand, the realization of this dream becomes not so ghostly.

It’s funny, of course, it will be in the lineup of Harley-Davidson to see such a candid sport design. It suits, rather, some Italian or Japanese. But, nevertheless, the designers decided on this bold and, what really there is a sin to conceal, revolutionary, as for themselves, an experiment.

According to them, this will attract modern youth to the client family. In which the classic of the brand is associated exclusively with 40-50-year-old bearded uncles in skin and jeans … Perhaps they are right. Although, subjectively, if they leave this cinematic face of LiveWire, they are unlikely to succeed. Because the model, unfortunately, turned out to be extremely awkward.

There is an impression that they took in front of the «old men», the center — with a fashionable poster about sports bikes. And the back wheel was remembered afterwards. Due to what it stuck somehow very lonely and inorganic. Then they glued it all over with carbon fiber and soft plastic «under aluminum». But, anyway, where the classic «Harley» was a donor, chic chrome shines treacherously.

Of course, all this designers will find one hundred thousand excuses. Explain such a layout and shape specificity of the design, features of electrification. And also swinging to the advanced dynamics. But, nevertheless, I would like something more …

Electric Harley-Davidson 2019 model year.

Equipment and comfort of a new motorcycle.

Motorcycles, originally from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, have always occupied a special niche in the market. Their name is completely not in vain has become a synonym for premium in this segment of wheeled vehicles. And charisma and a very special style of design made models at all times more than recognizable.

And if all of its history the Americans produced really comfortable bikes. Unbeknownst to the rider swallowing any kilometers of the road. Their new electrosurvey, they suddenly plan to focus on trips on the routes to near and medium distances. Which, naturally, is logical. The design of the seat and landing, as such, as a whole will no longer allow us to routinely fall apart with all convenience. Pokatit, for example, in the neighboring state for the next meeting …

According to the layout, a new, heavily weighted battery is going to be placed in the middle. At the very bottom of the rider, just above it and closer to the driving wheel, the motor will be located. It is for this outstanding block on leaked sketches that the skeptics already baptized the novelty «pregnant Harley».

It also became known that many details will be taken from the very softly perceived by the public and critics of the latest processing of the Softtail family. Consequently, the chassis will be upgraded. The concept of LiveWire still used the old version. Like the suspension, which can not but rejoice. After all, safety and comfort, if it is, of course, decent to talk about this class of bikes, will grow.

Electric Harley-Davidson 2019 model year.


The power of the novelty has not yet been reported. Yes, and in general the information about it is real crumbs. Which is logical, because the Americans are in the very beginning of their path. But, nevertheless, experts expect from her about the next.

The expected mileage without recharging is 100-120 miles. The battery is about 100kW. Aluminum frame with a lot of carbon elements. Absence of a gear shift system. Adjustable suspension of the rear monoplane. Reverse front fork.

The first deliveries to dealers are planned for the second half of 2019. The exact date, of course, so far no one discovers. It is considered that even before the tests of the serial version of the hand, Harley-Davidson has not reached yet. In fact, a swift modernization is under way. A deep rethinking of the concept from a technical point of view.

It remains to be hoped that the Americans, as well as always, will keep their word. Do not drop your name in the mud. This will allow us to quickly hear the legendary roar of a truly competitive electric bike model. Especially since they need it now, as never before. In recent years, unfortunately, sales figures have been falling steadily, on average, by 6-7% annually.

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