Everrati Signature 2022.

Everrati Signature 2022.

Everrati Signature 2022.

Everrati Signature 2022. The classic Porsche 911 evolved into the Everrati Signature electric car.

Founded in 2019, Everrati is based in Oxfordshire, UK, and is converting classic models into electric vehicles.

You can call it «damage to masterpieces», but the company itself says that they are pursuing a noble goal, prolonging the life of old cars, because in the hypostasis of electric vehicles they can freely operate in Europe without polluting the air with the exhaust of their motors.

Everrati specialists have already mastered the conversion of Porsche 911 series 964, Mercedes SL generation W113 («pagoda») and Land Rover IIA series.

And now the most advanced car is presented, which even got its own name.

The Everrati Signature is a converted Porsche 911 coupe of the 964 series. The first assembled example is converted from a 1991 car. But his heart was not just replaced — he was seriously modernized.

Everrati Signature 2022.

For example, instead of steel outer body panels, there are now lightweight carbon fiber parts.

These are fenders (specially extended), doors, trunk lid and even a roof, although if it is necessary to keep the original hatch, the roof will remain «native».

Installed modern headlights, lightweight RS Cup bumpers — from the Porsche brand collection.

Instead of a gasoline «air vent», an electric motor with a return of 507 hp is installed on the rear axle. and 500 Nm: the 911th generation 964 did not have such characteristics even in the top version of the Turbo S.

The gearbox is no longer there, and instead of the basic free differential, the Quaife self-block is installed.

Everrati Signature 2022.

The original ICE removed from the car can be given to the customer «in a box» by Everrati or turned into some kind of art object.

In doing so, the exhaust pipes remain in place to maintain the iconic look of the Porsche 911.

The traction battery has a capacity of 53 kW ∙ h, and the developers do not advertise its location, but judging by the pictures from the closed presentation of the car, the battery (or one of its blocks) is installed in the front compartment.

Everrati Signature 2022.

A full charge should be enough for 240 km. The company also promises that the mass of the electric coupe is even less than that of the original Porsche 911, which weighs 1,450 kg.

Acceleration time to «hundreds» — less than four seconds.

The suspension has not changed structurally, but the springs and shock absorbers have been replaced with new ones, and upon request, Everrati can install adaptive shock absorbers from Tractive.

Also, the coupe has modern ventilated Brembo brakes and wheels with a diameter of 17 or 18 inches.

Everrati Signature 2022.

In the cabin, there is a media system from the Porsche Classic range and new instruments made in the original style: for example, the energy exchange scale has taken the place of the tachometer.

The Everrati Signature electric sports car will cost £ 250,000 to complete. The Porsche logos remain on the car. The first client machines will be ready in the fall.

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