Evolute i-JOY 2022-2023.

Evolute i-JOY 2022-2023.

Evolute i-JOY 2022-2023.

A brand new Russian Evolute i-JOY 2022-2023 cross was presented.

The official launch of production of electric cars under the Evolute brand in Russia has recently been confirmed.

These models are based on electric cars of the Chinese brand Dongfeng.

By the way, the company «Motorinvest», which will be engaged in the production of cars, has taken a completely different model from its partner from the Celestial Empire.

Previously, we already told you about the Evolute i-RATE electric crossover.

However, the Russian company also plans to develop and produce a premium electric crossover.

The first images of the novelty can be seen in a video posted on our YouTube channel Naavtotrasse.

The Chinese Voyage Free will be used as a prototype.

First, the Lipetsk plant will start production of a compact cross-country i-JOY and a sedan i-PRO.

They were chosen because they have the lowest cost among all Evolute cars.

Evolute i-JOY 2022-2023.

Both models have already been shown in production form at a special event held in Moscow in late spring.

The i-JOY crossover will be one of the most powerful cars among the entire lineup of the Russian brand.

The model will be equipped with an electric motor developing 163 horsepower and 300 N*m of torque.

The car will also be equipped with a 53 kWh battery. It will provide a range up to 405 kilometers.

Evolute i-JOY 2022-2023.

So, the domestic model will be very similar to the Volkswagen ID.3 in terms of technical characteristics.

These cars are similar also in dimensions. The length of the new Evolute i-JOY 2022-2023 is 4.38 meters, width — 1.85 meters and height — 1.65 meters. Wheelbase reached 2.66 m.

It is known that the electric crossover will immediately be ready for use in our country, because its ground clearance is 18 centimeters.

Despite the fact that the Evolute i-JOY, in fact, is a modified Chinese model, the car will be considered fully Russian.

Evolute i-JOY 2022-2023.

Motorinvest assured that the localization of the car’s production will reach 5,000 points.

For example, the UAZ Patriot has only 2,209 points and the Lada Granta has 3,280 points. This localization will be achieved due to the location of the plant in Lipetsk.

It is close to several enterprises, one of which will assemble lithium-ion batteries.

They will support fast charging. It will take about 8 hours to fully replenish the battery at a regular station. That rate is standard for most electric cars.

We don’t know anything yet about the Russian crossover’s specs.

There is a very high chance that the Russian model will be a full copy of the Dongfeng Glory i3, so it will be considered quite affordable in terms of cost.

The thing is that the «Chinese» is a relatively «bare» car in terms of technological equipment.

It comes with a 10.25-inch touchscreen, LED headlights, a virtual dashboard and several driving assistants.

Evolute i-JOY 2022-2023.

The transmission has three modes, with a sport mode among them.

At the same time, the Chinese model does not have cruise control, blind spot monitoring system and many other useful features.

The Russian version can be sold with an additional comfort package.

However, there is a chance that our crossover will get Huawei technology from another model.

This company participated in the development of the Seres line of electric cars.

If Motorinvest decides to do so, the domestic compact crossover will have better equipment than the Volkswagen ID.3.

The Russian model could get lidar, several sensors and cameras for all-around vision.

Such systems will provide more safety when driving.

However, not all Huawei technologies will appear in the Evolute i-JOY 2022-2023, because some of them work with the support of 5G networks, and they are not available in our country.

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