Evolute i-Pro 2022.

Evolute I-Pro 2022.

Evolute i-Pro 2022.

Prices for Evolute I-Pro 2022: electric car of the new Russian brand Evolute.

At the end of September, the Motorinvest plant in the Lipetsk region began serial production of Evolute electric cars. The I-Pro sedan was the first model on the assembly line.

On October 26th official sales started in Russia, the first model offered was the sedan I-Pro.

The dealerships already operate in six major cities: Moscow, St. Petersburg, Nizhny Novgorod, Voronezh, Krasnodar and Kazan. In the nearest future Evolute dealerships are expected to be opened in Sochi, Simferopol and Rostov-on-Don.

Editorial team of GT-News.ru made a review and collected all the details about Evolute I-Pro 2022 model year: prices and equipment, specifications, range, photos and video test-drive.

Evolute I-Pro — front-wheel drive electric car in the sedan body. In fact, which is a Chinese copy of Dongfeng Aeolus E70, which in turn is based on the Nissan Sylphy of 2005 (in Russia better known as the 2012 Nissan Almera Classic). In size it is comparable to the current Kia Cerato.

Evolute I-Pro 2022.

Features and prices

i-Pro sedan — 2 990 000 rubles

Important details:

Power: 150 hp and 230 Hm;
Acceleration to 100 km/h: 9.5 c;
Top speed: 150 km/h;
Cruising range: 420 km (NEDC cycle), in fact about 390 km (up to 250 km in winter);
Charging time: from the «classic» outlet 8.5 hours, from the company station you can charge 80% in 36 minutes;
The volume of the trunk: 502 liters (important! The rear seats do not fold down)

Evolute I-Pro 2022.

It’s important to note that all Evolute models participate in 2022 state program of subsidized car loans, where the discount on electric cars is 35% (but no more than 925k rubles).

I.e. sedan I-Pro with a subsidy can be purchased for 2 065 000 rubles. (program conditions).

Technical Specifications

Dimensions and weight

Length: 4680 mm
Width: 1720 mm
Height: 1530 mm
Wheelbase: 2700 mm
Ground clearance: 120 mm
Cargo volume: 502 kg
Curb weight of the vehicle: 1515 kg
Gross weight: 1,969 kg

Evolute I-Pro 2022.

Electric motor and battery

Type of Electric Motor: Synchronous Motor with Permanent Magnets
Power: 150 hp and 230 Hm
Peak power (kW): 110
Max motor speed (rpm): 12,500
Battery type: Liquid Li-NMC
Capacity (kwh): 53
Slow charging time (Type2: 5% to 100%): 8.5 hours
Fast charging time (up to 80%): 36 minutes
Type of drive: front.

Evolute I-Pro 2022.

Dynamic characteristics

Range (km): 420 (NEDC).
Acceleration 0-100 km/h (sec): 9,5
Max speed (km/h): 150

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