Evolute i-Pro 2023.

Evolute i-Pro 2023.

Evolute i-Pro 2023.

The Evolute i-Pro: an electric sedan based on the Nissan Sylphy will be launched in Russia.

The company «Motorinvest» is planning to start production of electric cars at their own plant in Lipetsk, and the other day they announced specifications of one of the upcoming novelties — the sedan Evolute i-Pro.

In fact, this is a renamed version of the Chinese electric car Aeolus E70, developed by Dongfeng Motor.

It was introduced on the Celestial market in 1919.

Moreover, the Chinese model itself is not new — it is based on the Nissan Bluebird Sylphy G11 of 2005.

The latter is known to Russians under the name Almera. Avtovaz assembled it in a simplified left-hand drive version at its plant in Togliatti from 2012 to 2018.

From the Nissan model, the Chinese electric car has received a load-bearing body frame, as well as the suspension design, roof panel and glass. But the internal combustion engine is not used here, of course.

The Aeolus E70 / Evolute i-Pro 2023 achieves a length of 4,680 mm, width — 1,720 mm, and height — 1,530 mm.

Evolute i-Pro 2023.

The distance between the axles is 2 700 mm. The model is powered by a single electric motor, which is located on the front axle and produces 163 hp and 230 Nm.

Power for its work it gets from a 53 kWh lithium-ion battery.

According to the manufacturer, the four-door accelerates from a place up to a hundred in 9.5 seconds and its maximum speed is declared at 150 km/h.

Evolute i-Pro 2023.

It can drive up to 420 km without recharging. It is possible to charge the battery from 30 to 80% in just 36 minutes (75 kW DC power station).

If you recharge from an ordinary 7kW AC station, the process will take 8.5 hours.

The production of the Chinese electric four-door should start in Lipetsk at the end of the twenty-second.

First of all it is intended to interest capital services karsheringa and taxi parks. Its price tag is not disclosed.

Interesting details about the novelty became known during the X International Eurasian Forum «Taxi», which is currently held in Moscow.

Evolute i-Pro 2023.

According to TSN-TV, the electric car of the Lipetsk «Motorinvest» called Evolute I-Pro was presented in the capital.

It is a battery sedan with a laconic, but stylish design. This car was not created from scratch: we are looking at a redesigned Chinese model.

At the same time, the automaker positions the novelty as an innovative product. A 163-horsepower electric motor is responsible for the sedan’s performance.

Up to a hundred Evolute I-Pro will accelerate in 9.9 seconds, and a battery capacity of 53 kWh provides a cruising range of 420 km.

It takes 8.5 hours to fully charge the electric car. For cab drivers, such an offer can hardly be called profitable.

Evolute i-Pro 2023.

All other things being equal and the cost of electricity of 3.4 rubles per kW, for 100,000 kilometers the owner of an electric car will have to pay 25,660 rubles for electricity and 96,962 rubles — for maintenance.

Cars with traditional engines are more expensive in this regard — 546,666 and 138,462 rubles, respectively.

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