Exeed LX 2021.

Exeed LX 2021.

Exeed LX 2021.

Exeed LX 2021: an elegant SUV from the Chery sub-brand.

Exid was created by the Chinese brand Chery just over two years ago to market premium and semi-premium cars. One of the most notable of its latest innovations is the Exeed LX 2021 crossover.

Based on the latest generation Cherie Tiggo 7, it features striking looks, richly trimmed interior and excellent engine compartment performance. The machine is suitable for representatives of different genders and ages and has every chance of repeating and consolidating the success of its predecessors.


The new car cannot be called a restyling of any existing model, since Chinese designers have tried to endow the novelty with a completely unique, futuristic appearance.

An important role in it is played by streamlined body shapes, unusual lighting technology, relief and a bunch of small decorations literally scattered over all planes.

The most eye-catching part of the 2021 Exeed LX is its face. It is set quite high and is of medium length and width. Under the large, sloping windshield in the photo, you can see the embossed hood lid, slightly raised to the middle, and immediately below it — a sly «squint» of thin LED optics under a wide chrome strip with the inscription «Exid».

Exeed LX 2021.

Instead of the traditional radiator grill, you can find here a huge body kit with a large number of horizontal stripes for airflow access to the engine compartment and two side slots for cooling the brakes.

Below, on the back-up air intake trapezium decorated with a decorative strip, you can find a plate for fixing the license plate, as well as another decorative insert «under the metal» cut with all kinds of holes.

The profile of the new model looks very powerful. The heavily sloped A-pillars and sloping roof create a sense of speed. It is complemented and strengthened by small, regular-shaped windows assembled into a nice «drop» with a thick chrome edging.

Below you will notice rounded mirrors on thick legs, smoothly flowing relief and just huge wheel arches with stylish large discs inside. Completing the look is a solid layer of unpainted plastic near the arches and sills, hinting that the car might roll off the road.

Behind, the new body looks no less beautiful. This part begins with a thin but wide visor, slightly curving along its length. This detail covers a very small, rounded glass, immediately under which there is a thin LED strip, expanding along the edges to full-fledged side lights of complex shape.

Exeed LX 2021.

The small luggage compartment lid contains several nameplates and embossed transitions. It seems to «dissolve» in a huge body kit containing several slots for cooling the rear brakes, fog lights, stamping under the registration plate, as well as a huge diffuser «like metal» and a pair of flat, divorced on different sides of the body, branch pipes to complete the exhaust system in chrome edging.


For the new Exeed LX 2021 model year, a luxurious salon for its value was prepared, in which, in addition to plastic and leather, inserts made of metal and natural wood are used.

Admirable are the chairs, in which any trip will seem pleasant and comfortable, and the advanced multimedia equipment will only improve the already pleasant experience.

Exeed LX 2021.

Front end decoration

The center console is quite high and appears to be monolithic due to the presence of a line of air ducts crossing the car along the entire width and two huge, integral touchscreen displays of the entertainment center and a fully digital instrument cluster.

Directly in front of the latter is the original medium-sized steering wheel with lining at the bottom and a large number of auxiliary buttons on the side spokes.

In addition to them, there are almost no physical buttons in the car, with the exception of two washers for adjusting the climate system, since everything is controlled using touch screens.

The central tunnel, large and imposing, includes a technical panel with a small, elegant gear selector, a platform for wireless charging of the phone, organizers under the flaps and a large armrest, in the depths of which there is another glove box with a cooling function.

Seats and luggage compartment

The car has five comfortable seats, covered with good leather and containing soft filler. Each seat boasts decent lateral support and adjustable headrests, as well as heating and the ability to adjust the position of the front seats on the electric drives, as well as choose a convenient angle of inclination of the rear seat back.

The exact volume of the luggage compartment is still unknown, but visually it is quite large. In addition, when the rear row is folded, a flat area is formed, which makes it possible to transport even large-sized luggage.

Exeed LX 2021.


For Exeed LX 2021, engineers have prepared a 1.6-liter gasoline turbo engine with 197 «horses».

He will be accompanied by a seven-speed robot that transfers all the efforts of the motor to the front axle.

As the test drive showed, the novelty will be able to easily pick up speed and cope with most road situations both in the city and on the highway.

Options and prices

The novelty will be presented in four trim levels, the cheapest of which will cost 1.15 million rubles.

The price of the most expensive modification will be 220 thousand units of the Russian currency more expensive.

Competing models

A cute crossover from the Middle Kingdom can quite successfully compete with models of famous brands such as Chevrolet Captiva, Mazda CX-7 or Hyundai Santa Fe.

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