Exeed TXL 2022.

Exeed TXL 2022.

Exeed TXL 2022.

Exeed TXL 2022: a crossover with European design and premium performance potential.

The structural subdivisions of the subsidiary of the Cheri brand have announced the release of a new version of the premium SUV — Exeed TXL 2022.

Crossover five-door body SUV has an attractive appearance, the perfection of the external design and the characteristics of components is identical to the best European counterparts.

Restyling marked itself with interesting solutions in the body layout and a complete renovation of the interior.

The main emphasis was placed on improving the seating and driving comfort, expanding the functionality of the onboard electronics and safe driving at different speed regimes.

Exterior .

Externally, the new model does not show its Asian origin, the design of the body is based on a combination of European crossover layout with design proprietary specialists.

With a minimum set of chrome decorative accents, the new Exidas body of 2022 looks stylish, elegant and quite presentable.

From a frontal, front-facing perspective, the successor to the premium model lineup spectacularly displays:

A set of dynamic, wavy and stepped hood profiles;
Predatory squint of multifunctional blocks of front LED optics connected by a black bridge;
the large format and horizontal, massive slats of the radiator grille;
vertical layout of the fog lights’ lamps combined with diffusers.

Exeed TXL 2022.

The small-size body kit includes a trapeze of the lower intake and a relief texture of the protective-decorative panel.

Functional and decorative properties are laid in the configuration of the dynamic stepped front reliefs.

The Exeed TXL 2022’s profile photo shows the main details of the classic crossover/off-road layout. In sight:

The roof, equipped with compact rails, falling down toward the stern;
silver contours and black matting of the pillars of the three-part side windows;
oval modern mirrors and body sides with a harmonious ratio of ribbed and wave-like longitudinal reliefs.

The presence of conditional off-road potential is confirmed by the high body landing with 21 mm clearance, compact overhangs and increased to 18 inch diameter of wheel disks.

Exeed TXL 2022.

The design and the layout of the stern form a positive visual perception:

The semi-oval configuration of the spoiler-covered window;
exclusive graphics, connected by a LED bridge and chrome-plated lamp trails;
transverse wave relief of the hinged luggage compartment door.

The lower segment of the stern is less interesting in design. The package includes a wide projecting bumper niche for the license plate, vertical slots for the outlet diffusers with a set of fog lights and narrow plastic trim with two horizontal cutouts for racing-style exhaust pipes.

According to independent experts, a new version of the Chinese premium crossover has all the prerequisites for getting the status of «car of the year» in its price category.


The interior of the medium-sized crossover initially looks expensive and prestigious. It is equipped with premium range finishing materials, advanced characteristics of electronics and technical equipment, ergonomically profiled and comfortable seats.

Exeed TXL 2022.

In the new incarnation of the crossover, the information value and readability of the multifunctional digital instrument panel has been increased, the list of command functions of the sport multicool and the 10-inch media-information display of the central unit console has been expanded.

The torpedo also includes a set of performance-adjustable deflectors and a remote control for activating and adjusting the climate control circuit.

The design of the tunnel provides full access to the joystick to switch the driving modes of the power transmission, multimedia washer, complete organizers and combined with folding armrest cooler.

The captain’s chairs with lumbar side support and wide adjustment intervals are finished in genuine leather and equipped with a heating system.

Lack of special services rear sofa compensates for the large amount of individual space for each of the three passengers, the presence of ports for connecting external digital gadgets and rotary deflectors.

A convenient armrest is also integrated into the backrest of the central seat. The design of the sofa provides for the possibility of transformation to increase the usable loading volume of the trunk from 461 to 1000 liters.

Exeed TXL 2022.


The dimensions of the CheryExeed TXL crossover 4775 x 1885 and 1706 mm and the length of the wheelbase 2800 mm without significant changes, confirm its belonging to the popular category of medium-sized cars.

The basis of the novelty is a modular-type front-wheel-drive platform M3X with a combined rack-multilink suspension axles, a set of stabilizers, disc brakes and high-performance systems of road safety.

Traction and speed characteristics worthy of premium status provides productive tandem of gasoline 1.6-liter «four» TGDI with 186 hp/275 Nm of peak traction and 7-speed Getrag brand robotized transmission.

An independent test drive has confirmed the claimed acceleration time of 9.8 seconds, a top speed of 185 km/h and fuel consumption of 7.8 liters per hundred kilometers.

Options and prices

In Russia, the new Exeed TXL 2022 will be presented in basic and more comfortable top versions. The starting price of a particular model is respectively 2.25 and 2.4 million Russian rubles.

Start of sales in Russia

The first batches are expected already at the end of the first quarter of 2022. The exact and officially confirmed date of release in Russia will be known closer to the start of promotions.


In the first five competitors of the same class models Audi Q5, Volvo XC90, Nissan X-Trail, Hyundai Santa Fe and Kia Sorento.

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