Exeed VX 2021.

Exeed VX 2021.

Exeed VX 2021.

Exeed VX 2021: large family crossover.
Chery’s company continues to delight its fans with new products released under the premium Exeed brand. Very soon, a new model of the company will appear on the roads of both the native region and some neighboring countries — a large family crossover called Exeed VX 2021.

The car is distinguished by quite solid dimensions and appearance, thanks to which motorists belonging to the older generation will definitely pay attention to it.

Inside, the novelty will boast chic finishes, comfortable seats and modern multimedia. The characteristics of the car are also among its strengths, because thanks to them the car will move without problems on roads of any kind.


Even the photo shows that the car is really huge. Also, the new body boasts a very solid appearance. There is no colorful decor here. The appearance of the car will be decorated with a light undulating relief, which is evenly distributed over the entire area, formidable optics, chrome inserts, stylish air intakes and other details.

Exeed VX 2021.

The car looks quite menacing from the front. The muzzle is located high enough, and also takes on large dimensions, which is why not every driver will feel comfortable driving a crossover, since his visibility is not the best.

The slight slope that was added to the muzzle improves the situation a little. The design of the front end begins with a large bonnet, on which you can observe several light transitions in height, taking a wave-like shape.

At the end of the lid there is a chrome inscription with the brand name. This is followed by an almost rectangular air intake grille, which boasts a mesh, presented in the form of three horizontal lines painted in chrome.

Also next to the grill are stylish headlights that will illuminate the road in any configuration with high-quality LED lights.

Below you can see a large bumper body kit, which consists of a light relief, a platform where the license plate is attached, recesses on the sides of a triangular shape with foglights and grilles that let air in to the brakes, an additional air intake already trapezoidal, framed with metal strips, and protective elements made of metals and plastics.

From the side, the car looks very impressive and solid. The upper part of the profile is decorated with a very long, but not very wide strip filled with windows.

Exeed VX 2021.

It will be framed by a thin line painted in chrome, and inside it you can see several dividing posts painted in gloss black. Next to the front windows, there are large rear-view mirrors that always include turn signals.

There are no decorations on the main body of the body, except for a light undulating relief. Below you can see almost square wheel arches, which received small extensions, as well as thresholds, complemented by a metal insert.

The rear part of the body is executed in the traditional style of this class. It approaches a square shape, has no slope and is almost entirely represented by the tailgate.

Here you can observe a long visor, which also includes a line of stop lights, a large rectangular window, a decorative chrome strip, stylish «dimensions» connected by a line of additional brake lights, a bunch of chrome nameplates, fog lights on the sides, a recess for a license plate and relief.

The body kit here takes up much less space than the front. It consists of a metal diffuser and two exhaust pipes that are split on the sides.


The interior of the car is fully consistent with its status. The new Exeed VX 2021 model year will receive quality leather trim, a small amount of fabrics, plastics and metals.

The owner of the car will delight with a chic multimedia complex, which includes a bunch of useful functionality, as well as very comfortable seats that provide all passengers with a high level of comfort.

Exeed VX 2021.

There is nothing superfluous on the dashboard of the crossover. The most important detail here is the widescreen display, which is divided into two parts: a panel with devices and the main monitor of the multimedia system.

Below it, you can observe neat vents, and behind them — an additional panel that includes climate control washers, as well as a monitor, which displays information about the climate.

Then the dashboard smoothly passes into the tunnel, where there are several buttons, many organizers of various types and shapes, as well as an armrest, inside which there is also a refrigeration unit.

The car can carry up to seven passengers, where each has a comfortable seat, trimmed with genuine leather and equipped with side support, headrests, heating, electric adjustments and other options, the list of which depends on the configuration.


The base engine for the 2021 Exeed VX is a 1.6-liter petrol unit with 197 horsepower.

It is always paired with a seven-speed automatic, which transfers all efforts to the front axle. For a surcharge, you can get a two-liter engine, the output of which is 220 or 254 horsepower.

The set of transmissions for it is not disclosed, as is the fact whether four-wheel drive is prepared here.

Exeed VX 2021.

Options and prices

The price of the car in the basic configuration will be about 170 thousand yuan, which equals 1.8 million rubles.

Release date in Russia

The start of sales in Russia will begin only in the spring of 2021. In the Middle Kingdom, the car will go on sale in the fourth quarter of 2020.


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