Ferrari 296 GTS Spider 2023.

Ferrari 296 GTS Spider 2023.

Ferrari 296 GTS Spider 2023.

Ferrari 296 GTS Spider 2023. Ferrari could unveil the 296 GTB Spider: first image of the sports car.

The Italian company is expected to unveil an open-top version of the hybrid two-door within the next year.

Ferrari has been increasing sales in Europe for three years in a row: even during the 2020th «gain» (+13%) was recorded: then dealers sold 4169 cars.

This year the trend is likely to continue, because in the first five months customers bought 2,746 cars of the brand, which is 73.2% more than in January-May 2020.

Quite recently the Italian brand presented its next novelty — 296 GTB.

We shall remind you that this two-seater Berlinetta with middle-engine layout turned out not to be a replacement for any model in the lineup of the brand, but completely new car with a hybrid power-unit.

The basis of the sports car system was a 3.0-liter V6 with an output of 663 hp. (its angle of displacement is 120 degrees).

Ferrari 296 GTS Spider 2023.

The electric motor is located between the internal combustion engine and transmission, it gives 167 hp.

The total output of the power plant is 830 «horses» and the maximum torque is 740 Nm. The unit works in conjunction with the eight-speed «robot», more about it we told earlier.

We should point out that the name of the new model Ferrari can be deciphered: so, the letters GTB are an abbreviation, which stands for «Gran Turismo Berlinetta», the first two digits of the index refer to the engine volume — 2992 cc, and the third shows the number of cylinders.

Ferrari 296 GTS Spider 2023.

It is assumed that in the future the brand will present another version of novelty Ferrari 296 GTB — with an open top.

We do not rule out that this will happen within the next few months, but the premiere could take place in a year.

According to assumptions of the Spanish edition, this car will be called Ferrari 296 GTS or 296 Spider. Which variant the Italians will choose in the end is still unknown.

Ferrari 296 GTS Spider 2023.

Which variant the Italians will choose in the end is still unknown.

Designer magazine noted that, judging by the roof and rear pillars of the Ferrari 296 GTB, sports car with mid-engine layout was designed with the emergence of open-top variant.

The artist drew a rendering of the future novelty based on the differences between the new Ferrari SF90 Stradale and SF90 Spider.

Except for the open top, the pictured car is no different from the two-seater Berlinetta unveiled late last month.

We should remind that Ferrari 296 GTB needs 2.9 seconds to accelerate from a place up to a «hundred» and it takes 7.3 seconds to reach 200 km/h speed of «two-door».

Ferrari 296 GTS Spider 2023.

The maximum speed of the model is 330 km/h. Only on electric power the car can accelerate up to 155 km/h.

The hybrid is recharged from the network, its battery capacity is 7.45 kWh. It is several kilograms lighter than the battery used in the Ferrari SF90.

At the same time the range on a single charge the models are the same, it is 25 km (calculated by the cycle WLTP).

The base price of the base Ferrari 296 GTB is €269,000 (the equivalent of about 23.4 million rubles at current exchange rates).

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