Ferrari 812 Competizione.

Ferrari 812 Competizione.

Ferrari 812 Competizione.

Ferrari 812 Competizione: An extreme take on the 812 Superfast.

The Ferrari 812 Superfast supercar received an extreme modification of the Competizione, which can be ordered both as a coupe and in an open targa version, the latter additionally bearing the letter “A” in the name. Outside, the novelty is easy to recognize by a different aerodynamic body kit.

The Italians not only changed the plumage of the model’s body, but also revised the shape of most of the outer panels.

In particular, the two-door received an adjusted shape of the air intakes with a revised direction of flow under the bottom, as well as new ventilation slots on the wings.

This improved the cooling of the radiators and brakes. The extreme Ferrari 812 Competizione also draws attention to the presence of a carbon cross member on the hood.

In its shape, the latter resembles a spoiler, while its real purpose is to hide new wide slots for dissipating heat from the engine compartment.

There is no rear window on the coupe at all — instead, an aluminum fairing is installed with overlays attached to it, directing the air flow downward.

Ferrari 812 Competizione.

As for the open version of the targa, it has a wide cross member at the back. The task of the latter is still the same, although in terms of efficiency it is somewhat worse than the aforementioned fairing.

The exhaust system of the Competizione variant has only two small tailpipes. The abandonment of the standard four-barreled gun made it possible to significantly increase the rear diffuser, which again had a positive effect on aerodynamics.

The supercar received all-carbon wheels, which were 3.7 kg lighter than the original alloy wheels. Note that on the extreme version they are «shod» in special Michelin Cup 2 R tires.

Ferrari 812 Competizione.

Working on this modification, the Italians seriously modified the 6.5-liter V12 engine.

In particular, the latter received a modified direct injection system, new pistons, a variable displacement oil pump, a lightweight crankshaft (-3%), as well as titanium connecting rods (40% lighter than standard steel ones).

Plus, the developers preferred a low-viscosity oil (5W40), while the carbon coating of the camshafts and valve tappets is intended to further reduce friction.

Ferrari 812 Competizione.

In addition, a shortened intake tract and a particulate filter were installed on the supercar, and the need for the latter was due to the strict Euro-6d economy standards.

As a result, the engine output increased to 830 hp available at 9,250 rpm. Note that on the regular version of the model, the unit produces 800 forces at 8,500 rpm.

In addition, the developers managed to shift the cut-off — now you can spin the engine up to 9,500 rpm (+ 600).

But the torque, on the contrary, dropped to 692 Nm (- 26), which are available at the same 7,000 rpm.

The Italians report that despite the above changes, the engine retained its signature sound, although for this they had to seriously change the geometry of the intake tract.

Ferrari 812 Competizione.

The redesigned engine still works with the seven-band dual-clutch robot, although the latter has engineers revised the algorithm for the most extreme preset, reducing gear change times by 5%.

The dry weight of the new Ferrari 812 Competizione is declared at 1,487 kg. In other words, the two-door was 38 kg lighter than the base model.

This was achieved due to the widespread use of carbon fiber, as well as the installation of a more compact lithium-ion 12-volt battery.

The axle weight distribution is almost perfect — 49:51 (in favor of the rear axle) — on the base model it is 47:53.

It is reported that from zero to hundreds of a Ferrari 812 Competizione coupe can «shoot» in 2.85 seconds (-0.05), and acceleration from 0-200 km / h is given in 7.5 seconds (-0.4).

The maximum speed is the former 340 kilometers per hour. As for the targa, its dynamic characteristics have not yet been announced.

It is also known that the extreme version of the supercar received the SSC (Side Slip Control) electronic control assistant in the latest version 7.0 (on the base coupe, this assistant is version 5.0).

Plus, the car boasts a 10% increase in the efficiency of the cooling system (due to new air intakes and radiators).

Another feature of the model is the modified fully steered chassis.

If on a basic car the rear wheels are turned synchronously by one actuator, then here a pair of separate actuators for each rear wheel is responsible for this task, due to which a higher accuracy and speed of rotation is achieved.

In total, the Italians will produce 999 Ferrari 812 Competizione coupes at a price of 499,000 euros each (44.8 million rubles at the current exchange rate).

Targa is asked for from € 578,000 (51.9 million rubles), but its circulation is even less — only 599 pieces.

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