Ferrari Breadvan Hommage 2021.

Ferrari Breadvan Hommage 2021.

Ferrari Breadvan Hommage 2021.

Ferrari turned into a «bread van»: Breadvan Hommage based on 550 Maranello.

Designer Niels van Roy, who previously had a hand in the creation of the Range Rover three-door SUV, as well as station wagons based on the Tesla Model S and Rolls-Royce Wraith, has presented his new project — a modified version of the Ferrari 550 Maranello called the «Breadvan Hommage».

Interestingly, the modification is a reference to the classic Ferrari 250 GT Drogo racing model, which debuted at the 1962 Le Mans 24 Hour Marathon, surprising the audience with its unusual body shape with a long and flat roof and a «chopped off» stern.

Ferrari Breadvan Hommage 2021.

For such a design, the car was immediately given the nickname «Breadvan», which can be translated as «bread van».

Interestingly, Niels van Roy and his team began creating Breadvan Hommage back in two thousand and eighteen.

The tuners came up with several modification options at once, which at the same time had a number of common components designed to resemble the classic Ferrari model.

Ferrari Breadvan Hommage 2021.

The presented car not only received a specific design of the roof and stern, but also a stylish hood with two air intakes and a cutout covered with a streamlined glass cover.

Plus, the modification is characterized by the presence of vertical ventilation slots behind the wheel arches and side windows.

The rear of the donor car has changed the most, with a large window in the vertical rear wall of the body. In addition, the rear of the car attracts attention with a quartet of exhaust pipes and a pair of round lights.

The Breadvan Hommage is still recognizable as the original Ferrari 550 Maranello, but only the windshield remains of the original model, while all other exterior panels are new.

Ferrari Breadvan Hommage 2021.

To achieve maximum similarity with the classic Ferrari 250 GT Drogo, the tuners even replaced the original triangular foglights with round ones.

Plus, the two-door got new 20-inch wheels, while the standard car was on eighteenth discs.

In the interior of the modification, a different tidy appeared, while the center console was simplified — only the gear lever assembly remained from the latter, which now rises above the transmission tunnel.

Ferrari Breadvan Hommage 2021.

Plus the car received different door panels and updated trim materials. As for the technology, its creators did not touch the modification, which means that the coupe is driven by a standard 5.5-liter naturally aspirated V12 with a capacity of 485 hp. and six-speed mechanics.

At the same time, custom-made Koni shock absorbers were registered in the suspension. It is known that such a «station wagon» was built in a single copy, the cost of alterations is not advertised.

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