Ferrari F8 Tributo 2022.

Ferrari F8 Tributo 2022.

Ferrari F8 Tributo 2022.

Ferrari has stopped taking orders for the F8 Tributo and F8 Spider models.

The Italian brand announced that it stopped taking orders for Ferrari F8 Tributo and Ferrari F8 Spider models.

No reasons for this decision have been given so far.

11,115 — that is how many cars Ferrari sold in 2021, which was a record for the team from the Italian city of Maranello.

Shipments of V8-powered models were up 34.6 percent over last year, so it’s safe to say that models like the F8 Tributo and Spider were in high demand.

In fact, those two cars were the best-selling of the Italian company’s entire lineup in Europe last year, but they are no longer available for order.

Western publications quote Jacopo Marcone, product manager of the sports car segment at Ferrari, as confirming the decision to discontinue sales of both versions of the F8.

Ferrari F8 Tributo 2022.

There is no official explanation yet, but CEO Benedetto Vigna said last month that the company has «the strongest order book in history.»

So much so that the company will be busy «until 2023.» This could mean that the remaining production cycle of the two cars is already being talked about.

However, this has yet to be confirmed by the Italian brand.

Ferrari F8 Tributo 2022.

This seems plausible given that deliveries of the 296 GTB to customers have already begun, and the same is waiting for the 296 Spider.

Plug-in hybrid V6 models are thought to effectively replace the F8, as even a brand like Ferrari has to downsize its engines and electrify them to meet strict emissions standards.

Although the new motors will get two fewer cylinders, all versions of the 296 have more power thanks to the electric motor providing extra power.

Ferrari F8 Tributo 2022.

Speaking during a media test drive for the 296 GTB’s debut, Jacopo Marcone said production of the F8 Tributo and Spider will continue.

However, he refrained from specifying when they will roll off the assembly line.

When they are discontinued, Ferrari will still have the Roma, the Portofino M and the SF90 Stradale / Spider as V8-powered cars, as well as the upcoming Purosangue SUV.

Ferrari F8 Tributo 2022.

In addition, he also promised to keep the V12 engine, promising even more power than the 830 hp Competizione / Competizione A.

Of course, we are also looking forward to the LaFerrari’s successor in the future.

The 700-horsepower Ferrari Roma from tuning studio Mansory was unveiled not long ago.

Mansory offers a «complete conversion kit» for the Ferrari Roma, which includes a carbon fiber bodykit, boosted engine, and an updated interior.

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