Ferrari Purosangue 2022.

Ferrari Purosangue 2022.

Ferrari Purosangue 2022.

We will see the first Ferrari crossover in 2022.
Ferrari chief engineer Michael Leiters has shared some details on the new Purosangue with increased ground clearance. The Italian «stable» in principle does not call the novelty «crossover».

Ferrari Purosangue will be built on a new modular architecture with a front engine and a robotic gearbox referred to the rear axle.

In the future, this platform is also used for the classic supercars of the brand. The new chassis is initially designed with ample opportunities for transformation — changing the ground clearance, wheelbase size and adaptation to different types of power plants.

The name of the novelty Purosangue is translated from Italian as «purebred». The car is provided with rear or four-wheel drive.

Ferrari Purosangue 2022.

The engine range will include units V6, V8 and V12, as well as a hybrid installation with three electric motors, like the new supercar Ferrari SF90 Stradale.

The length of the Ferrari Purosangue will be about 5 meters. At the same time, he will receive a 4-seater cabin layout and, with a high degree of probability, adaptive air suspension, which Ferrari has never had.

The novelty in every sense will be revolutionary for the brand. The car is expected to combine the dynamics of supercars and the practicality of crossovers.

Ferrari has never produced such a car. The main competitors of Ferrari Purosangue will be the Lamborghini Urus, Aston Martin DBX and the future crossover from Lotus. The premiere is scheduled for 2022.

Ferrari Purosangue 2022.

The first crossover from Ferrari — car tests.

Ferrari is preparing to release its first crossover. First road tests, characteristics, features of the novelty.

As it became known, Ferrari has started testing its first crossover. According to various sources, it will become the main competitor to the Aston Martin DBX, but it will not officially appear on the market until 2022.

According to various sources, the new crossover will be named Ferrari Purosangue, which means Purebred. For today, only spy photos of the model are in stock, taken near the headquarters of the Ferrari company.

To test the nodal mechanisms of the new crossover, the manufacturer used the Maserati Levante.

With characteristic differences from the original, it is worth noting the elongated hood, the ground clearance is much lower. The hood itself received a slight bulge in the center, what to say about a different engine.

Ferrari Purosangue 2022.

If you believe the assumptions of experts, the new crossover Ferrari Purosangue should be with a front or mid-engine.

The powerful engine is indicated by a pair of exhaust pipes, similar to those in the 812th model and in the GTC4 Lusso. Accordingly, it can be a V12 gasoline engine.

Earlier, Luis Carey Camilleri, the head of Ferrari, said that the new crossover will significantly differ from existing, direct competitors such as Rolls-Royce Cullinan, Bentley Bentayga and Lamborghini Urus.

Most likely, the new Ferrari Purosangue will be one of 15 new cars that the manufacturer plans to introduce by 2023.

A feature of these models will be two new bogies, where the engine can be with a middle or front position, including a new crossover.

Thanks to this structure, the base allows the use of engines of the V6, V12 and V8 series or hybrid installations, which are becoming more popular.

In tandem, the units will most likely be equipped with a dual-clutch robotic transmission. The drive can be rear or full.

Ferrari Purosangue 2022.

According to various sources, the design of the Ferrari Purosangue crossover has already been approved. The crossover will be about 5 meters long.

Under the hood there could be a hybrid setup similar to that found in the Ferrari SF90 Stradale coupe.

The unit includes a 4.0 liter V8 biturbo petrol engine with a capacity of 780 hp. (800 Nm torque).

The internal combustion engine is supplemented by three electric motors. The first unit is installed between the internal combustion engine and the transmission, the other two on the front wheels. The stock on electric traction is enough for 25 kilometers, with a maximum speed of 135 km / h.

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