Ferrari Roma 2020.

Ferrari Roma 2020

Ferrari Roma 2020.

Ferrari Roma 2020 — a new powerful coupe with a chassis from the Portofino convertible.
We can say with confidence that Ferrari has stepped onto a new page in its history with the Roma 2020 presented in the Italian capital. The car is extremely remarkable and unlike everything that Italians did before.

However, it is worth noting that, technically, it is a clone of the already famous Portofino. The models have one platform, but the body and interior of the sports car have become a real experiment. And if you look at the result, he obviously became successful.

Ferrari Roma 2020


As already noted, the Ferrari Roma is built on the basis of Portofino. Suspension, wheelbase, powertrain and, most importantly, its location in sports cars are the same.

Novelty boasts an 8-cylinder gasoline engine. Complete turbine and maximum output of 620 hp at 700 Hm and a dry weight of 1472 kg.
By the way, thanks to the bodywork, the new sports coupe is 73 kg lighter than the donor, and the engine has already won four times in the «Engine of the Year» competition. Plus, in the new product it is forced. The donor cabriolet had a return of 600 hp.

The tunnel houses an 8-speed DCT robot with dual-disc clutch. In terms of dynamic characteristics, less was not expected — acceleration to hundreds in 3.4 seconds (for Portofino 3.5), up to two hundred in 9.3 (against 10.8).
Where the future owners will be able to accelerate to 320 km / h is another question, but the Ferrari Roma has no electronic limit.

Ferrari Roma 2020


Now to the most interesting part — the Ferrari Roma 2020 model year. Then the Italians surpassed themselves. No, other Ferrari are beautiful, but they can not be compared with the novelty. In general, it seems that the new Ferrari crossed with a Porsche 911. At least it seems so because of the version with metallic enamel.

If not for the powerful exhaust pipes, then from far away the car looks very much like an electric car. The body is extremely minimalistic. There are no completely incomprehensible bends, unnecessary lines and stamping. Everything is either closed or plays a role.

In front, the designers abandoned the convex “Sportkarovskie” headlights. Instead, LED optics, sewn into the shape of the front wings with a soft transition to the bow, where the decorated part of the grille is located in the same color as the body. The sporty body kit attached from below gives the sharp nose part without any frills.

Ferrari Roma 2020

On the side, involuntary associations with Porsche are found. The shape of the nose and, in principle, merry forms, as it were, are fixed to the Germans, and stereotypes cannot be thrown out of the head.

Like the 911, Roma received blown rear wings, large arches and a sleek streamlined roof, turning into a weighty stern, where already in some century there was no engine. Landing is naturally low.

Feed also deserves compliments. A quick glance immediately catches the eye of 4 large exhausts, but looking more closely, the optics command here. A special niche with four places was built under it. The shape of the dimensions is flat. Even the drawing in them was limited to dotted lines. Everyone, like the front, could withstand in minimalistic colors.

Although there is only one platform with a convertible, Roma, in addition to the wheelbase, has larger dimensions:

Length, mm — 4656
Width, mm — 1974
Height, mm — 1301
Wheelbase (mm) — 2670

Ferrari Roma 2020


A coupe for that and a coupe that only two passengers will be able to drive a car. Yes, and this car is not bought for family trips. But for those who manage to sit in a Ferrari Roma, there are all conditions.

It is important to note that, as in the case of the body, Italians in the interior also departed from their principles in terms of the architecture of the central panel. There is a clear adherence to old traditions. In fact, due to the fact that the torpedo, the center console and the tunnel are combined into one, it creates the feeling that you are sitting in Formula 1.

On the driver’s side there is a virtual tidy, multi-wheel and several buttons on the dashboard behind the wheel. On the right, above the wings of the robot, there is a not very large vertically set multimedia screen, below the robot itself, which ends with a small niche for small things.

Then the narrow armrest immediately begins.
The passenger can also share all the benefits of Rome. They prepared their own small multimedia zone for him. Armchairs, of course, sports with an enveloping effect and fixed head restraints. According to the finishing materials, leather, suede and metal are visible.

Ferrari Roma 2020


Competitors new items immediately identified. They will be similar coupe options — Aston Martin Vantage and Mercedes-AMG GT.

Price and sales start date

The show was held in mid-November. Given the name of the model, it is not surprising that the presentation took place in Rome.

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