Ferrari SF90 Stradale 2022.

Ferrari SF90 Stradale 2022.

Ferrari SF90 Stradale 2022.

More powerful Ferrari SF90 Stradale Versione Speciale is captured on tests.

Western magazines have published a video, which captures prototypes of the Italian plug-in hybrid supercar Ferrari SF90 Stradale in a more powerful Versione Speciale.

This test version of the Italian supercar was captured at a series of tests in Maranello.

And we must say that this test SF90 Stradale received an unusual camouflage in certain areas of the body.

You can also see a couple of modifications. Unfortunately, very little is known yet about what exactly the engineers of Ferrari are testing, but according to those people who took these photos, before us is nothing but a more powerful version of the current SF90, which will get the prefix VS or «road version».

The previous «Prancing Horse» that carried the VS name was the Ferrar 812 VS, which was later officially sold as the 812 Competizione.

There is no speculation as to what the future SF90 Stradale will become in the more powerful Versione Speciale?

Ferrari SF90 Stradale 2022.

It is only known that the official presentation of the new version of the supercar is worth waiting for next year.

Moreover, prototypes of the novelty shown in this video are seen with external body modifications, such as a hole on the hood (a la Ferrari 488 Pista), which is covered with a metal panel.

Ferrari SF90 Stradale 2022.

Yellow stickers confirm the hybrid powertrain inside the car.

There will also be an antifender (not visible on the prototype) plus dual exhaust tips with a microphone on the red test specimen.

Ferrari SF90 Stradale 2022.

And yes, apparently there are four SF90 prototypes «roaming» around the Italian city of Maranello, with black, silver and yellow joining the red specimen.

Interestingly, the black prototype comes with a sticker on the back with the inscription «No Mulo», which roughly translates to «not a prototype».

Ferrari SF90 Stradale 2022.

The new Ferrari SF90 Stradale was spotted at the Lamborghini plant not too long ago.

Car enthusiasts watched the Ferrari enter and leave the Lamborghini plant in Sant’Agata. Youtuber Varryx captured it on video.

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