Ferrari SP48 Unica 2022.

Ferrari SP48 Unica 2022.

Ferrari SP48 Unica 2022.

Special order: the supercar Ferrari SP48 Unica is presented.

Ferrari Special Projects division, created to build special cars for individual orders, showed their next creation.

And this time no reference to old models and historical parallels were made.

Just one of the company’s regular customers ordered a unique car, so they know for sure that no one else will have the same one.

The basis was taken from the mid-engine supercar Ferrari F8 Tributo, and the main difference between the model Ferrari SP48 Unica is the original body.

The company’s in-house design center headed by Flavio Manzoni worked on the design based on the wishes of the customer.

The task was to make the appearance monolithic, reducing the number of prominent and relief elements.

All exterior panels are newly designed and manufactured, including the roof, whose profile has been changed.

Ferrari SP48 Unica 2022.

Glass in the doors is reduced, and the additional triangular windows behind them are completely eliminated.

The transparent engine cover has been replaced with a solid panel, so the rear window is gone.

All lighting equipment is original, with thin LED strips installed at the rear instead of the trademark round lights.

Ferrari SP48 Unica 2022.

Completely redesigned system of air intakes, louvers at the front and above the engine are made of solid parts, and the shape of each hole is designed for the most efficient passage of air flow.

These grilles are echoed in the roof, although it is painted black.

Ferrari SP48 Unica 2022.

There are additional air intakes just behind the door windows: the air flows through them to the intercoolers.

The entire aerodynamics had to be recalculated, plus the rear overhang is increased, which should have a positive effect on the stability of the airflow.

The interior is virtually standard, changing only the trim and decor. The seats are upholstered in alcantara with fabric inserts in body color.

Ferrari SP48 Unica 2022.

Technology is also intact: Ferrari SP48 Unica has standard for the donor model Tributo twin-turbo V8 3.9 (720 hp), seven-speed preselective «robot» and rear-wheel drive.

Price of the unique coupe is not named. As a rule, the final bill for such projects is several million euros, as the company has to pay back not only the manufacture of the car in a single copy, but also all the design and engineering work.

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