Fiat Dolcevita Special Edition 2022.

Fiat Dolcevita Special Edition 2022.

Fiat Dolcevita Special Edition 2022.

Fiat introduced the redesigned Dolcevita: hybrid engines and all-white interior trim.

Fiat has prepared another special version for the remaining 500 Dolcevita in the lineup.

We were first introduced to this model in 2019, when the 500 Dolcevita officially debuted, and in 2021 they delighted us with the new 500x Cabrio Dolcevita.

And now the world will see the Fiat Dolcevita Special Edition 2022. Both models will have a convertible top, because the brand aims to produce cars with just such a feature. Let’s take a closer look at the 500X first.

This model has a mild hybrid powertrain under the hood. We have seen it before in other creations of Italians.

Installation consists of the 1,5-liter four-cylinder petrol engine by capacity of 128 horsepowers.

Fiat Dolcevita Special Edition 2022.

It is paired with a soft hybrid. The car uses an absolutely new seven-speed gearbox that is combined with front-wheel drive. It also has a dual clutch.

The body of the model has a white hue and blends perfectly with the ivory tilt roof and two-tone rims.

Fiat Dolcevita Special Edition 2022.

Chrome parts and Dolcevita emblem blend in perfectly with the exterior. In the cabin we will also be greeted with shades of white.

The seats are covered with leather, which has the inscription 500. The entire dashboard is also painted in the same color.

Fiat Dolcevita Special Edition 2022.

The basic package also includes Uconnect system, navigation, rear view camera and a couple of other nice features.

If we talk about the junior version of the Fiat 500 Dolcevita, there is a 1.0-liter engine under the hood with 69 horsepower.

Fiat Dolcevita Special Edition 2022.

A 12-volt hybrid is connected to it. There’s also a battery with a small capacity for electric driving.

The body color is the same as the 500X. The interior has wood panel trim and a leather gearshift lever.

Pricing for the updated versions is not yet available, but we should expect a slight increase in price compared to the standard model.


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