Fiat Pulse Abarth 2022.

Fiat Pulse Abarth 2022.

Fiat Pulse Abarth 2022.

The first crossover of the Abarth brand is presented.

Under the Abarth brand, Fiat produces «charged» versions of its cars, but the range is very small.

Only different variants of the small three-door Fiat 500 remain in the current range: powerful models Abarth 595 and Abarth 695 are sold mainly on the European market.

But soon the first crossover will be added to the range. But not in Europe, but in far away Brazil.

Fiat has already tried to promote the Abarth brand here.

In 2002, the Brazilian market got a hatchback Fiat Stilo Abarth with a five-cylinder 2.4 engine (167 hp), but it managed to sell only 942 cars.

And in 2014, the local range appeared Fiat 500 Abarth with turbocharged 1.4 Multiair (167 hp), which found only 283 buyers.

Fiat Pulse Abarth 2022.

Now it’s the third attempt, and Fiat approached it more responsibly, developing a car specifically to suit the tastes of local customers.

Unveiled today, the Fiat Pulse Abarth is a «charged» version of a local 4,1 meters long parquet model Fiat Pulse that, in its turn, is made of a hatchback Fiat Argo.

Fiat Pulse Abarth 2022.

Judging by the name, it is still Fiat, but on the body there is no logo of the parent brand — only branded Abarth scorpions.

Apparently, the «double brand» is needed for more clear positioning of the new model.

Alas, there is extremely little information about the car. The start of sales is scheduled for the fourth quarter of this year only, so Fiat has time to publish new info.

Fiat Pulse Abarth 2022.

On the outside, the Fiat Pulse Abarth differs from the base parkette with new bumpers, 18-inch wheels, a twin-barrel exhaust system and contrasting décor.

Expect a 1.3 turbo engine with 185 hp. (Such in Brazil is already installed on larger models of Fiat and Jeep), enhanced suspension and powerful brakes. Front-wheel drive only.

Fiat Pulse Abarth 2022.

Selected Fiat dealers will be able to sell the Abarths. For this purpose, separate areas will be created in showrooms with appropriate design.

And if everything goes according to plan, subsequently there will be other cars under the Abarth brand in Brazil.

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