Fiat Tipo 2021.

Fiat Tipo 2021.

Fiat Tipo 2021.

Fiat Tipo 2021: restyling of the model and a new version of the Cross.

The Fiat Tipo family debuted in Turkey back in 2015 and entered the European market in the spring of 2016. Both there and there the model attracted buyers, so by today the total number of sold cars has exceeded 670 thousand units.

In order not to slow down, Fiat carried out a planned modernization of the entire line, which so far has been represented by three body formats — sedan, hatchback and station wagon.

Now, in parallel with the restyling, the range has been expanded due to the off-road version of Tipo Cross, addressed to a younger audience. Well, the existing models have been improved outside and inside in accordance with the trends of the times.

Sales of the new Fiat Tipo 2021 will start on the home market before the end of this year at a price of 13,900 euros (about 1.25 million rubles). As before, the machines will be manufactured at a plant in Turkey.

Classic four- and five-door models will be offered to customers in Tipo, Life and City Life versions, for the new cross-hatchback there are City Cross and Cross variations.

Fiat Tipo 2021.

New body design

All cars of the Tipo family received a modified «face» as a result of restyling. Its main element is the modernized headlamps with diode filling.

Visually uniting the optics, the radiator grille has acquired a different decor, acquiring a large FIAT inscription in the center instead of the previous much more modest brand badge. The bumper configuration has also been rethought.

There are fewer improvements at the back — the graphics of the lights and the bumper have been slightly tweaked. But when viewed from the side, fresh versions of 16-17 wheel rims are striking.

The body color palette has been replenished with Ocean Blue and Paprika Orange.

The new Fiat Tipo Cross 2021 stands out from its fellows with a plastic body kit and protective plates in the bumpers.

Fiat Tipo 2021.

Another model is distinguished by roof rails, but the station wagon shared them with the cross-hatchback. The off-road version’s ground clearance has been increased by 4 cm thanks to the recalibrated suspension and special high-profile tires.


The interior trim and equipment of the Fiat Tipo family have undergone a major revision. A 7-inch color display is introduced into the instrument cluster, on either side of which there are semicircular scales. To make the tidy screen better viewed, the steering wheel has been modified.

The display of the main media center is no longer built into the console, but brought to the top. It is widescreen and measures 10.25 inches.

The advanced UConnect 5 complex, running on Android OS, supports wireless integration of gadgets, connecting two mobile devices via Bluetooth at once, saving up to five user profiles with different settings.

All controls have their backlight changed from red to a more pleasant white. Added wireless smartphone charging and rear row USB ports.

New upholstery options have been selected for the seats. And, finally, the range of electronic assistants has been significantly expanded.

Fiat Tipo 2021.

The list of assistants includes:

• Lane Control (Lane Control);

• Recognition of road signs (Traffic Sign Recognition);

• Tracking driver fatigue (Attention Assist);

• Automatic control of headlights (Adaptive High Beam);

• Monitoring of «blind» zones (Blind Spot Assist).

Fiat Tipo 2021.

2021 Fiat Tipo Specifications

The range of power units of the sedan, hatchback and Tipo station wagon has been revised. 1.4 petrol engines with 95 and 120 hp outputs have been removed from the line.

Their place was taken by the 1.0 GSE «turbo engine» of the FireFly series, from which 100 hp was removed. and 190 Nm (peak torque is available already at 1500 rpm).

There are two diesel units — the «junior» 1.2-liter engine retained the output power of 95 hp, while the «senior» 1.6-liter engine now generates 130 hp. instead of 120 forces.

The Fiat Tipo is still exclusively front-wheel drive. The gearbox settings have been optimized for maximum responsiveness in city driving and adequate comfort on highways.

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