Fiat TIPO Cross 2021.

Fiat TIPO Cross 2021.

Fiat TIPO Cross 2021.

Fiat Tipo 2021 — Sedan, station wagon and new off-road version of the Cross.
The new Fiat Tipo looks suspiciously similar to the flagship of the Russian car industry — Lada Vesta. The bright orange color, in which the bodies of both cars are painted in advertising, played a role.

Since 2015, the Italian brand’s Tipo model has been successfully produced at a factory located in the Turkish city of Bursa. Turks know this model as Egea.

In 2020, the manufacturer expanded the lineup by adding a city SUV in two modifications to the well-selling models Life (sedan), City Life (hatchback), Tipo (station wagon). In the European market they are called Cross and Cross City.

The release of this year’s cross hatchbacks by the Fiat concern combined with changes in the characteristics of the entire Tipo model range.


The designers retained the concept of style for the new models, changing the main details of the exterior.
Improvement of the optics of cars is declared. The manufacturer promises to “illuminate any road ahead” with updated LED headlights and taillights.


Fiat TIPO Cross 2021. The radiator grille has become wider, and the Fiat logo is fixed on it, which has an unusual appearance. The authors of the new nameplate removed the red backing and metal edging, leaving only the steel letters — the brand name.

Chrome elements have also been added to the bumper design.
The manufacturer offers the future Fiat Tipo buyer a choice of 11 color options, including orange paprika. Lada Vesta has the same advertising color.

The Cross modification received:

protection of wheel arches, rear and front bumpers made of black plastic;
new 17-inch brushed alloy wheels;
clearance increased by 4 cm;
gray roof rails.

The updated exterior gives the impression of being more aggressive and it seems that all the changes are aimed at arousing the interest of a younger audience.

Salon and equipment

Restyling did not particularly affect the interior of the Fiat Tipo line. The Italians have made the steering wheel smaller, now the driver will have a better view of the dashboard.

The fabrics of the seat upholstery have been re-selected, but if the buyer compares the new interior with the solutions of previous years, he will not notice much difference.

The main thing that pleases the engineers is the new Uconnect multimedia system with a seven-inch sensor. You can optionally increase the size of the widget up to 10 inches.

Fiat TIPO Cross 2021.

The off-road version of the Cross is equipped with a larger screen in the “base”. Uconnect is compatible with Android Auto and Apple Carplay. You can manage music and audiobooks, get directions, receive calls using voice mode.

In the updated models, great attention was paid to the introduction of a safe driving system. It includes

the following options:
blind spot sensor;
adaptive cruise control;
independent brake.

In addition, the manufacturer offers parking sensors, a rain sensor and a rear camera for installation. The developers of the model are trying with all their might to leave the «budget» segment.


According to the changes in the model’s engine line, it can be seen that the Fiat concern has taken a course towards environmental friendliness and is trying to follow it. Environmental class of all engines Euro-6D Final.

The motors on the Tipo will now be of three types:

1.0 (petrol)
1.3 (diesel)
1.6 (diesel)

The most powerful engine will develop a maximum speed of 200 km / h. Acceleration time to 100 km / h — 10.5 s.
The front wheel drive was left even for the Cross modification. The 1.6-speed diesel engine is equipped with a six-speed manual. The manufacturer equips the rest of the models with a five-speed gearbox.


The new Tipo Cross looks very similar to the domestic Lada Vesta SW Cross. If you park both of these cars next to each other, paint them the same orange and ask the owner to get into his car at dusk, he may get a little confused.

Dimensions Tipo Cross:

Length, mm — 4384
Width, mm — 1542
Height, mm — 1556
Wheelbase, mm — 2638

Fiat TIPO Cross 2021.

Dimensions Lada Vesta SW Cross:

Length, mm — 4424
Width, mm — 1785
Height, mm — 1537
Wheelbase, mm — 2635

Ground clearance:

Lada Vesta SW Cross — 203 mm;
Tipo Cross — 190 mm.

Cross Lada is presented on the market with two gasoline engines 1.6 (two modifications) and 1.8 (one modification).

There is no diesel engine, but one of the versions has an automatic transmission. The maximum declared speed is less than that of Fiat — 180 km / h.

Lada’s Lux trim includes cruise control, parking sensors and an advanced multimedia system. But even if you do not take into account that this is a Russian car, Vesta Cross still falls short of the Italian brand in terms of equipment.

Although judging by the similar appearance and positioning, marketers wanted to interest about the same consumer with these models.

Fiat TIPO Cross 2021.

Release date and prices

The Italians promise that deliveries to Europe of the new Fiat range will begin at the end of 2020. Unfortunately, the return of passenger cars to the Russian market has not been announced in the near future.

The most interesting thing when updating and releasing new car modifications is the pricing policy.

It is stated that the cost of fresh Fiat Tipo models will start at 13,900,000 euros. For comparison, the Russian city SUV SW Cross luxury configuration and Skoda Rapid 2020 in the Ambition configuration with a 1.6 petrol engine (90 hp) will cost the buyer in the dealer’s salon more than 1 million rubles.

Fiat, with its new Cross, makes it clear that it is moving the Tipo line from the «budget» segment to the more expensive.

The Italians promise that deliveries to Europe of the new line will begin at the end of 2020. Unfortunately, the return of passenger cars to the Russian market has not been announced in the near future.

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