Fiat Toro-2022.

Fiat Toro-2022.

Fiat Toro-2022.

Fiat Toro-2022 pickup: new engine, vertical tablet and more differences between versions.

The truck of the Italian brand has changed outside and inside, also the list of available equipment has been expanded.

And the main technical innovation is the turbocharged 1.3 engine with a maximum output of 185 hp.

In the range of Fiat pickup Toro 4,9 meters long appeared in 2016, the model has a supporting body, it is built on the same platform as the Jeep Renegade (more precisely, on its stretched version).

Trucks are produced in Brazil, this country is the main market. At the end of last year sales of Toro there fell by 18% to 53,976 units, and still it took the second place among all the pickups represented in the local market.

By the way, on the first line with the result of 80 041 copies (+5%) is a compact model Fiat Strada, the new generation of which was made with an eye on the older brother.

In 2019, the Toro was slightly refreshed, and now the pickup has undergone another upgrade — a more substantial one.

Fiat refers this truck to the 2022 model year. Like its predecessor, the restyled Toro is available in five versions: Endurance, Freedom, Volcano, Ranch and Ultra.

Fiat Toro-2022.

All versions received a new Fiat logo on the front (a large brand name, and there was such an inscription on the back before), LED running lights are thinner, and the shiny stripe between them is «slimmed down».

Also all variants received a new hood, retouched front bumper and grille, updated range of disks (16-, 17- or 18-inch). After the restyling there are more external differences between the versions.

So, the versions Freedom and Volcano received thin chrome lines on the grille, the second version has silver front bumper, the Ranch has its own grille with a massive shiny «frame», plus running boards.

The top-of-the-line Toro Ultra has the same design as the Ranch, but the most expensive pickup doesn’t have glitter — the grille, logo and rims are in black.

Fiat Toro-2022.

All versions except the base have LED headlights and fog lights. As before, all modifications have hinged doors instead of folding side of the cargo area, and the Toro Ultra has a platform with a hard cover.

Carrying capacity has not changed: gasoline versions can carry 650 kg, diesel versions — 1000 kg.

The interior has a new front fascia and improved seats, and Fiat says there are more storage compartments.

All variants have a 7-inch screen in the dashboard by default. The base Toro Endurance also has air conditioning, a 7-inch multimedia system with touchscreen, six airbags and rear parktronic.

In Freedom version there is leather steering wheel, rear view camera and multimedia with 8.4-inch display.

The Volcano package includes seven airbags, front parking sensors, leather upholstery, wireless smartphone charging, keyless entry, engine start button and rain sensor.

Fiat Toro-2022.

Finally, the expensive Ranch and Ultra versions are distinguished by the presence of a vertical tablet and a set of safety systems ADAS.

The screen is 10,1 inches diagonal, but curiously enough, under it there are physical buttons and washers, with which you can control «climate» or turn down the volume.

Well, ADAS is a system of automatic braking, automatic switching of headlights and warning about leaving the occupied lane.

But there is no function of pedestrian/cyclist recognition as well as an adaptive cruise control and a system of «blind» zones monitoring.

ADAS can also be ordered for Freedom and Volcano for a surcharge, the latter also has a large touchscreen as an option.

As predicted by the local media, the Fiat Toro will be offered with a new 1.3 turbo engine, its full name is Turbo 270 Flex.

Fiat Toro-2022.

Traditionally for Brazil, the engine is «powered» by both gasoline and ethanol. In the first case it produces 180 hp, in the second — 185 hp, the maximum torque — the same 270 Nm. The turbo-motor is combined with a six-speed automatic.

The new engine replaced recently retired 2.4 Tigershark (174 hp on gasoline and 186 hp on ethanol). The current dual-fuel 1.8 EtorQ (135 or 139 hp) and 2.0 MultiJet II turbodiesel (170 hp) remain in service.

The first of them lost the «mechanics» — now it is only with 6ACP. The diesel engine still works with a nine-speed automatic, and only with a «heavy» fuel engine Fiat Toro can be all-wheel drive, the other versions — with front wheel drive.

By the way, Brazilians were still waiting for variator, but the truck did not get it.

On sale updated pickup will come in May, prices have already been announced — from 114,590 to 187,490 Brazilian reals, the equivalent of about 1 581 000 — 2 586 000 rubles at current exchange rates.

Trucks of Brazilian production are still delivered to Argentina. The Toro is also available in other Latin American countries, but there it is known as the Ram 1000.

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