Fisker Ocean 2021.

Fisker Ocean 2021.

Fisker Ocean 2021.

New electric crossover Fisker Ocean.

Electric crossover Fisker Ocean (Fisker Ocean) 2021 revealed its appearance long before the official premiere. Fisker has shared a portion of images and some features of the new battery-powered SUV with the original name Ocean.

The official presentation of the electric novelty, or rather the pre-production prototype, is scheduled for early 2020.

And production of the new electric crossover Fisker Ocean will not begin until November 2021. However, at the same time, since November 2019, the American company has opened preliminary acceptance of orders for a new electric car.

Fisker Ocean 2021.

Fisker Ocean Price

Why such a rush? After all, in fact, the electric car is not yet ready. And they even came up with the name of the model on an emergency basis. Everything is really simple.

A boom in the electric passenger car market is just around the corner. Manufacturers have begun to carve up the electric vehicle market.

And everyone, of course, wants to have time to bite off a larger piece of a delicious market pie. So the Fisker company is in a hurry to light up its new product — the Ocean electric SUV before its competitors.

By the way, the new electric SUV will try to compete seriously with the battery-powered crossovers Audi Q4 e-tron and Tesla Model Y.

Tesla’s new SUV will go on free sale from the beginning of 2020. So Mr. Henrik Fisker is doing everything right. And the price was announced for Fisker Ocean from $ 39,000.

And the possibility of renting an electric car for 700-800 dollars per year (mileage up to 15,000 km, insurance, full maintenance at the expense of the manufacturer).

Fisker Ocean 2021.

Or short-term rental of an electric car using a specially designed app. These are the modern laws of marketing.


The Fisker Ocean electric car looks like a typical representative of the mid-size crossover class. The overall length of the body is just over 4.6 meters.

Solid and brutal appearance. Fully LED head and side lighting. Curvy body shapes and large wheels. However, the electric car has several original features. And on the body you can count them on your fingers.

And in the salon there are a lot of interesting things. About them in the section about the interior.

The hood of the electric crossover is deprived of the ability to open and closed tightly. Only when going through scheduled maintenance is it possible for specialists to lift the hood lid.

Fisker Ocean 2021.

And carry out the necessary work with electrical power equipment and an innovative ultra-efficient air conditioner.

The roof of the electric SUV is completely occupied by solar panels, which provide recharging of a lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 80 kWh.

In the conditions of sunny California during the year, the batteries on the roofs are able to collect energy sufficient to cover 1000 miles (more than 1600 km) !!!

It’s a shame, but the company has not yet spread information about the number and power of electric motors. It is only known that there will be at least two electric motors. One for each axis. That says about the presence of all-wheel drive.

The range on a single charge of the electric crossover Fisker Ocean is 250-300 miles (approximately 400-480 km).

Fisker Ocean 2021.

The salon of the new electric car of the American company Fisker is an ecologist’s dream. Recycled synthetic materials are used as finishing materials and decorative elements.

For example, floor mats made from old recycled nylon fishing nets. Seat upholstery in recycled polyester fiber. Even rubber from old tires is used. And eco-friendly recycled polyester suede (clothing and plastic bottles).

Among the modern equipment, we note a unique air conditioner, electronic assistants and assistants, and an autopilot that works with stereo cameras and radars.

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