Ford Bronco 2020.

Ford Bronco 2020.

One of the iconic off-roaders of the Ford concern called Bronco has been produced since 1966. According to the company’s plans, the novelty should have competed with the legendary Jeep CJ5. The result was fully justified. The model of the new generation almost immediately gained wide popularity. This is evidenced by the fact that the first modification of an SUV was produced as much as 11 years before 1977.

The basis of this success was the following advantages:

power; reliability; appearance; security; universality; increased permeability.

In total at the time of the termination of production was presented five generations of the car. Gradually, the popularity of Bronco began to decline, and after thirty years of production in 1996, Ford decided to discontinue the production of this model, and the big Expedition SUV came to replace it.

Concern has repeatedly made it clear about the likelihood of the revival of the legendary brand. In 2004, the Concept was shown possible novelties, but this project has not received further development. Only in 2017, at the Detroit auto show, Ford provided official information on the development of the Bronco SUV and the start of production planned for 2020.

Design review.

Despite the fact that Ford has limited information on the Bronco 2020 model year, many automotive experts point to the following main exterior parameters:

straight lines of the hood and roof; powerful protective panels in the front and aft;
protruding, almost rounded wheel arches;
step device of both bumpers;
vertical pillar and rear door pillars;
door steps; large optics; rectangular side windows.

Improved off-road properties of new items will be determined by the following design features:

high ground clearance; protective bodywork and inserts in the wheel arches;
body geometry; 20 inch wheels.

The basis of these conclusions is the company’s published photo teaser for the 2020 Ford Bronco.

The interior of the cabin.

If the external image of the Bronko 2020 is already possible to present, then for the future interior design indicates that moment that the Ranger Raptor model is used as the basis for the new SUV in order to accelerate the design and further manufacture.

Therefore, in the architecture of the cabin of the new Bronco, the following equipment is likely to be acceptable:

multifunction steering wheel; digital instrument panel with classic round scales; multi-stage center console; round ventilation baffles; multimedia information system with a large touch monitor; front wide armrest with storage compartment; chilled glove compartment; seats with lateral support; rear seats with backrest tilt.

In the interior trim is planned to use natural leather, soft plastic, decorative inserts of light metal, fabric, carpet.

The features of the interior should include a significant number of different compartments, pockets, niches for luggage and other things.


A new modification of the Ford Bronco 2020 model year will receive a five-door body with a capacity of five people. In the company’s future plans, the development of a reduced three-door modification and an enlarged version with a capacity of seven people.

High off-road properties for the car will ensure the use of frame construction of heavy-duty steel, the use of all-wheel drive and large wheels.

Ford Bronco 2020 is equipped with a turbocharged engine with the following technical characteristics:

type — diesel; number of cylinders — 4; volume — 2.0 l; power — 215 liters. with.

The original transmission will be completed with a 10-range automatic transmission, then a 7-speed manual that is currently under development.

The future plans of Ford to equip the Bronco hybrid power plant, the parameters of which are currently being worked out.

Among the numerous modern equipment designed for equipment can be noted:

LED optics; keyless access; 9 airbags;
full power; electric trunk; multimedia complex;
Wi-Fi router; navigation system; 220 volt outlet;
wireless charging pad; climate control;
pressure sensors, light, rain; parking controllers;
all-round visibility; ABS; EBD;
folding exterior mirrors autogreen;
adaptive cruise control.

A complete list of main equipment and systems, as well as possible options for an SUV will be presented by the company before launching applications for the purchase of Ford Bronco 2020.

Start sales and price.

The future plans of Ford to equip the Bronco hybrid power plant, the parameters of which are currently being worked out.

The initial sales of an SUV will begin in North America, where it will be manufactured at a plant in Michigan. Raptor pickup is also going to be there.
The main competitors of the new model Bronco will be:
Toyota TRD Pro. Jeep Wrangler. Mercedes-Benz G550. Range Rover Velar.
According to preliminary information, the initial price of the basic performance of Ford Bronco 2020 will be in the range of 35-40 thousand dollars. The cost of the most complete model modifications will exceed 60 thousand dollars.

Modification of Bronco 2021.

The Ford Company also announced that in 2021 it plans to release the second version of the SUV, codenamed Bronko-2.


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