Ford Bronco Everglades 2022.

Ford Bronco Everglades 2022.

Ford Bronco Everglades 2022.

The Ford Bronco has a new version of the Everglades for mud and swamp.

The recently revealed Ford Bronco Raptor is designed for high-speed driving on the steppes, sand and broken dirt, but the new version Everglades has a different purpose.

It is encrypted in the name. The Everglades National Park, located in the American state of Florida, is a reserve of wetlands with the area of more than 6,000 square kilometers.

So the new Ford Bronco Everglades is designed for driving on wetlands, deep mud and other fords.

The base vehicle is the regular Bronco with the Sasquatch package, which includes 35-inch off-road tires, steel front bumper, Bilstein ESCV long-travel shock absorbers, and dual interwheel differential locks.

And the main additions of Everglades version are snorkel with easily removable flaps and Warn Zeon 10-S winch with 4.5 ton pulling force and 30-meter rope installed on the nose.

The Bronco Everglades is also equipped with many proprietary accessories that are available for other versions at extra cost.

For example, this is additional underbody protection, enlarged rectangular wheel arches (instead of the basic semicircular), power roof rails, rubber interior mats and waterproof «vinyl» upholstery.

Ford Bronco Everglades 2022.

And on the front fenders are stickers with a topographical map of the Everglades.

Ford Bronco Everglades is offered only as a long wheelbase four-door with a base four-cylinder turbo engine EcoBoost 2.3 (304 hp) and ten-speed «automatic».

The Ford Bronco Everglades 2022 is the latest addition to the growing Bronco family, and it comes standard with a number of accessories that make it even more functional.

Two key updates made to the Bronco Everglades immediately set it apart from other Bronco models.

Ford Bronco Everglades 2022.

The first new feature is a snorkel that Ford designed and engineered in-house.

It includes easily replaceable plates that change the direction of the intake.

The snorkel is complemented by raised vents for the front and rear axles, transfer case and transmission, which means the Bronco Everglades can traverse fords 924mm deep. The standard model has a depth of 851 mm.

The Bronco Everglades also comes standard with a durable Ford Performance modular front bumper, Zeon 10-S Warn winch and 30-meter-long synthetic rope.

Ford Bronco Everglades 2022.

Ford equipped the model with the same safari safety bar, stone handrails and steel guard plates as the Black Diamond and Badlands models.

The Bronco Everglades has unique front and rear wheel arches and striking graphics on the front side panels.

It also features a Carbonized Grey grille with gloss black Bronco lettering.

Motorists will be able to order it with the Sasquatch package, which adds 17-inch Carbonized Grey wheels with 35-inch Goodyear off-road tires. Rock rails and a roof rack with crossbars are also featured.

Ford Bronco Everglades 2022.

Ford installed marine-grade vinyl seats and a rubberized washable floor. Urban Green accents are also present on the handrails, vents and seat stitching.

The concern decided to sell the Bronco Everglades exclusively with the entry-level 2.3-liter four-cylinder EcoBoost engine, which produces 300 hp and 440 Nm. This engine is paired with 10 automatic transmissions.

Buyers will be offered five shades to choose from. Ordering will be open in March exclusively for existing Bronco reservation holders. Prices will start at $53,000 or 3.9 million rubles.

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