Ford Bronco Sport 2021.

Ford Bronco Sport 2021.

Ford Bronco Sport 2021.

Ford Bronco and Ford Bronco Sport 2021: the old man is back after 24 years (price and performance).
In 2020, Ford continues to amaze the automotive industry.

This time from the archives, marketers got the old man Ford Bronco, which, after the release of the 5th generation in 1996, left the shelves.
Engineers and designers have revived the model — reworked the legendary design of the first generation, supplied powerful power plants and all-wheel drive.

This SUV will definitely stand out in traffic.
But the Americans did not stop there. To make the launch of the «old man» pay off, it was decided to release three options at once: a compartment and 5-door SUVs and a Ford Bronco Sport crossover.

In what guise the legendary model from old Hollywood films was resurrected, below.

Ford Bronco Sport 2021.

Specifications Ford Bronco

The concept of the traditional Bronco and the parquet version is the same, but the approach to technology is fundamentally different, so today the new items will have to be considered separately, and it is worth starting with the fact that absolutely everyone is waiting — a coupe and a 5-door.

The difference between them is only in the dimensions of the body. The technique is unified. Both are built on a power frame mounted on 35-inch wheels (specifically wheels, not disks).

The suspension is represented by a pair of two wishbones and a spring axle — all in the best tradition. Stabilizers on each axis.
Only full drive. Front disc brakes, drum rear. It is reported that with this set of 850 mm water barrier for the novelty is not a problem.

There are two power units. Both petrol from the EcoBoost family. The base offers a 2.3-liter inline «four» with 270 hp. at 420 Nm, in the top is a 2.7-liter «six» in a V-shaped architecture and with a return of 310 hp. at 542 Hm.

The consumption of the latter is in the region of 17 liters. The dynamics are still silent.
As for the all-wheel drive transmission, there are two options for boxes — a 7-speed manual or a 10-band automatic.

Ford Bronco Sport 2021.

Specifications Ford Bronco Sport

As for the SUV that shared the legendary name, it turned out to be not as simple as it might seem at first glance.
The fact of using a platform from Ford Kuga made it to look up at the Bronco Sport at the beginning. Not that it is bad, just more expectations.

But gradually the understanding comes that the platform has been finalized, and as a result, Ford offers the MacPherson system in front and the classic multi-link in the rear.

No wonder if not for the GOAT mode, which provides three modes of driving on real off-road.
All-wheel drive, of course, included. The rear axle is connected by a clutch, a clutch is installed at the rear to evenly distribute the torque between the wheels. The whole thing is under the control of an 8-band machine.

As a power unit, the SUV gets a 1.5-liter EcoBoost turbo engine with 183 hp. at 258 Nm and a 2-liter «four» with a supercharger and a return of 248 hp. at 373 Hm.

With them, Bronco Sport will be able to overcome the most difficult off-road sections and a water barrier with a height of 600 mm.

Ford Bronco Sport 2021.

What will be the onboard equipment

Very little was said about the equipment of the SUV and the sports version, and given the original approach to the interior design, it is impossible to even guess.

Therefore, it remains only to list what Ford shared during the announcement.

So, for the coupe and 5-door, the manufacturer prepared:

Cruise control operating at low speeds in off-road conditions;
A system for overcoming mountainous terrain (here most likely there are several modes of movement, depending on the landscape);
Waterproof interior;
Possibility of updating the multimedia complex via the Internet.
There are no new words in the equipment of the SUV. Declared availability:
Emergency braking system in case of a collision;
Blind spot monitoring;
One lane keeping system;
Adaptive cruise control with pedestrian and road sign recognition;
Navigation «with voice».

Of course, this is not all. Cars in any case will have power accessories, airbags, a whole list of passive systems, etc.

Ford Bronco Sport 2021.

Body and dimensions

The most interesting thing in the new product, or rather in all the new products, is its appearance. The designers tried to recreate the exterior of the first versions of the model, but with an eye to modern realities.

The Bronco retains its angular shape, small overhangs, round headlights, large arches and high ground clearance (294 mm). There is nothing special to consider, everything can be seen in the photo, but several interesting facts can be noted.

For example, all the doors of the standard Bronco are removable and can be packed in the luggage compartment. The roof is also dismantled (3-4 sections). Everything is done so that one person can do this work.

Plus, Ford is rolling out a catalog with a wide range of personalization options: installation of a winch, different radiator grilles, roof rack, additional LED optics, several door options, etc.

The exterior of the crossover also stands out noticeably against the background of modern SUVs. The front is almost the same as that of an SUV, but smoother. That is, all the details are completely original.

All bumpers, sills and wheel arches are made of impact-resistant plastic, the roof is parallel to the ground, the stern breaks off at an angle of 90 degrees. Wheels 18 inches with a wide profile.

Salon overview

The interior of the off-road Bronco received an ascetic interior not to the detriment of manufacturability.

In the presence of a 12-inch multimedia touchscreen, a virtual dashboard, a multifunctional steering wheel, a rich touch panel on the center console, mounts for a smartphone and action cameras, and at the end — comfortable chairs.

The main feature, as already mentioned, is everything waterproof.

You can ride in the rain with an open top, you can drive into the river and nothing will close, and the chairs do not have to be dry-cleaned. Everything can be literally washed with a hose.

As for the SUV, the front end will not bring much emotion. It is typically American, plastic, with a trivial architecture, 6.5-inch devices and an 8.5-inch multimedia touchscreen.

The only «traveling» qualities of the SUV are given by numerous fastening belts, compartments for small things, LED lights throughout the cabin and zippered pockets on the backs of the seats.

The latter are finished with a special material that is resistant to dirt.

There is also an interesting, fully rubberized luggage compartment, which holds two mountain bikes in a standing position. The volumes have not yet been reported.

How much is Ford and sales dates?

Sadly, fans of the traditional model will have to wait until spring 2021. It is by this time that the manufacturer will have time to assemble numerous configurations of an SUV.

But who liked the new SUV, they will be able to purchase in the fall of 2020.

In terms of prices, Ford has so far announced expectations for basic configurations — 1.9 million rubles. for the simplest Bronco and 2.1 million rubles. for minimum SU equipment.

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