Ford Ecosport Active 2021.

Ford Ecosport Active 2021.

Ford Ecosport Active 2021.

Ford Ecosport Active 2021: the off-road version of the popular American crossover.
The American concern «Ford» begins mass production of a sports version of the branded compact crossover, which is published under the name Ford Ecosport Active 2021.

The novelty is developed on the technical and layout basis of the popular compact analogue — the 6th generation Ford Fiesta.

The new model of the small-format all-terrain vehicle differs from the earlier model in the increased ground clearance, protective plastic body kit and other off-road accessories.


In the photo in the frontal view, the compact crossover that survived the surface restyling confidently demonstrates:

• conditional difference in dynamic angles of inclination of the windshield and the engine compartment cover decorated with stylish reliefs;

• massive transverse sipes and branding of the hexagonal grille;

• diagonal arrangement of angular front optics units.

Ford Ecosport Active 2021.

A similar style can be seen in the configuration of the lower multifunctional shades. In the layout and structural properties of the lower tier of the front end, the bifurcated sidewalls of the protruding bumper, the lower ventilation air intake and the metal-plastic body kit typical for all-terrain vehicles.

The new body of the compact crossover looks less bright and dynamic in the side, profile, projection. In sight:

• contrast ratio of black glossy roof, roof rails, mirrors and window trims with body paintwork;

• small-sized door handles partially recessed into the body;

• deep ribbed profiles of the sidewalls and a plastic protective and decorative skirt of the lower perimeter of the body.

The off-road status of the compact is evidenced by the volume of wheel arches equipped with massive plastic inserts, shortened body overhangs and high ground clearance. The five-lobe contour of off-road disks organically fits into the design of the sidewalls of the car.

Ford Ecosport Active 2021.

The crossover origin of the new model line is seen in the design of the rear of the body. In sight:

• a massive spoiler of an inclined window complemented by a stop light;

• strict vertical, complete with brand symbols, a niche for a license plate and inner sections of the tailgate lights.

The bumper is equipped with a body kit made of matte black plastic, equipped with fog lights and a curly protective panel. In general, the restyling on the appearance of the Ford Ecosport Active 2021 model had little effect.

According to the participants of the first presentation, the novelty looks attractive, although somewhat unbalanced.


The interior of the 2021 Asset looks not rich, but soundly and hospitable. The front panel demonstrates an analog-digital instrument panel with informative dials and a very informative color computer monitor.
Included in the center console:

Ford Ecosport Active 2021.

• a media-command tablet with touch control installed above the dashboard;

• small-sized remote control with mechanical elements for activation and adjustment of a few standard options;

• set of horizontal air ducts;

• on the lower tier there is a climate control panel.

The compact tunnel starts with the tech sector with transmission and parking brake shift knobs and several organizers. The construction is completed by the spacious volume of the mini-refrigerator chamber located under the armrest.

The multifunctional status of the three-spoke steering wheel confirms the presence of two blocks of command buttons on the face.

There is a glove compartment on the right side of the dash panel.

The first row bucket seats with a typical crossover layout are soft, comfortable and well profiled. The list of service functions includes lateral support, several adjustment points, adjustable heating and cooling circuits for seats.

In relation to the pilot’s seats, the comfort of the rear three-seater sofa is significantly lower. Available: adjustable backrest tilt, folding armrest with integrated cup holders and the possibility of simplified transformation to increase the capacity of the luggage compartment from the standard 354 liters to 1184 liters.

A niche built into the boot floor is designed for on-board instrumentation. The full-size spare wheel itself is attached to an external suspension.

Ford Ecosport Active 2021.


Body dimensions left unchanged in the ratios of 4325 x 1765 and 1670 mm determine its belonging to the category of subcompact cars.

The advantages of the chassis include a 2519 mm wheelbase and a 200 mm high ground clearance characteristic of SUVs.

The small-format SUV is based on the assembly, layout and operational advantages of the B2E front-wheel drive bogie with a transverse power unit.

Depending on the modification, the compact crossover is equipped with a basic post-torsion bar or top-end post-multi-link suspension.

An electric amplifier is integrated into the steering circuit. The safety of driving an off-road vehicle in difficult conditions is ensured by disc and shoe brakes, as well as electronic road safety systems.

• The engine range includes an uncontested tandem consisting of a liter gasoline engine with an output of 125 hp / 200 Nm and a front-wheel drive 6-speed manual transmission.

• Test drive confirmed the power characteristics of the crossover corresponding to the status and economical fuel consumption, up to 6 liters per 100 kilometers of run.

Options and prices

In European showrooms, the new Ford Ecosport Active 2021 model year will be offered in five versions. The price of the most affordable base model is announced at $ 28.5 thousand.

Sales start in Russia

If the decision to supply an SUV to the domestic market is made before the end of this year, 2020, the release date in Russia will be known in the second half of the first quarter of 2021.


The real rivals are models of identical cost: Skoda Yeti, Renault Kaptur, Nissan Terrano and Hyundai Creta.

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