Ford Edge 2023.

Ford Edge 2023.

Ford Edge 2023.

Now it’s official: the next-generation Ford Edge crossover has been announced.

The vehicle has not only changed its image, but also got a hybrid version. Such SUV will be on the market next year.

A photo of Chinese Ministry of Industry Ford Edge third-generation crossover lit up in August, and then it began to be caught during tests, and without camouflage.

Now the company itself Changan Ford, which is responsible for producing the model for the PRC market, announced this SUV: published branded design sketches, in addition it was officially announced that China will sell a new parketnik in the form of a prefix letter L.

The «celestial» profile media decipher the letter L as Large, Leading, Lounge and Lifestyle.

Well, there are no questions to the first definition (large) — the «third» cross really has appreciably outgrown its predecessor.

The length of the model designed for China is 5000 mm, 122 mm more than the previous Ford Edge Plus, width — 1961 mm (+36 mm), height — 1773 mm (+39 mm), the wheelbase increased by 100 mm to 2950 mm.

That is the size of Edge is close to the restyled Ford Explorer.

The appearance is made in a new corporate style, characteristic of the other latest Chinese Fords.

Ford Edge 2023.

Features — intricate optics and a wide grille, the parkette also got retractable door handles. There are no images of the interior yet.

Ford Edge 2023.

Previous Ford Edge Plus two years ago replaced the vertical tablet multimedia system on the scoreboard (touchscreen combined with a virtual dashboard), and such a panel is likely to get a new crossover, while it probably became larger.

Chinese Ford Edge L will be offered with gasoline «turbo four» 2.0 engine rated at 251 hp (+6 hp compared to the predecessor’s two-liter turbo engine).

Ford Edge 2023.

And also the model will have a hybrid version HEV (without the possibility of charging from the electric network) with the installation on the basis of 275-horsepower turbo engine of the same volume.

Ford Edge 2023.

In China, the new-generation crossover will start in the second quarter of next year.

At the moment, there is no information on whether such Edge will make it to the U.S.: it is possible that at home, the brand will decide to retire the model altogether.


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