Ford Equator Sport 2022.

Ford Equator Sport 2022.

Ford Equator Sport 2022.

Ford Equator Sport 2022: cheap alternative to the Explorer gets a shorter body.

Ford is rapidly expanding its range in China, trying to catch up with sales of the leaders of the largest market on the planet.

The Equator Sport is a shorter version of the all-new Equator crossover that debuted this spring.

In the first half of 2021 Ford has sold in so-called Big China (taking into account Hong Kong and Taiwan) slightly more than 150 thousand cars (the company’s data), while Volkswagen and Toyota sell their cars there in millions.

Now Ford is investing a lot of money in the development of its Chinese division, ruthlessly sacrificing with the smaller markets: over the past two years, Ford has closed its plants in Russia (those that produce passenger cars and crossovers), Brazil and India.

Already now the Chinese Ford SUV lineup is richer than the home brand — the U.S., the latest innovation was a cross-class liftback Ford Evos: its premiere was in September and caused envy outside of China — it is too interesting the car came out.

There are also compact crossovers Territory and Escape (old and new generations), crossover versions of Focus (hatchback and wagon), electric Mustang Mach-E, medium-sized Edge and Explorer, frame Everest and, actually, Equator.

Ford Equator Sport 2022.

The 2865-millimeter wheelbase and 4,905-millimeter overall length Ford Equator debuted in March of this year and by the end of August it had sold about 8,000 units in China.

Until now there is no official information about the platform of this model. It is known only that the crossover is produced by a joint venture of Ford and JMC (Jiangling Motors Corporation), and that the engine is installed under the hood of Equator crosswise, and drive wheels only at the front.

Ford Equator Sport 2022.

The engine for this model is the only one — 2.0-liter gasoline «turbo four» EcoBoost (224 hp, 360 Nm) coupled with 6-speed «automatic» DCT type (with two clutches).

The Equator is available with 5-, 6- or 7-seat saloon and is, in fact, a more budget-friendly alternative to the Explorer crossover, which, remember, in the current generation has a longitudinal arrangement of the power unit and the basic rear-wheel drive.

Ford Equator Sport 2022.

The starting price for the Equator is now 169,800 yuan (1.9 million rubles translated at current exchange rates), while for the Explorer one must pay at least 309,800 yuan (3.5 million rubles).

Today Chinese media have distributed certification photos of the Equator Sport crossover, which will not be a sporty, but just a shortened version of the usual Equator: wheelbase is reduced to 2,726 mm, length — to 4,630 mm, height — from 1,755 to 1,706 mm.

Ford Equator Sport 2022.

The Equator Sport gets its own «face» expression with narrower upper-tier headlights and a less bloated front bumper, while the stern has different taillights without a dotted lintel and a bumper without exhaust pipes sticking out of it, but with fake grids around the edges.

Instead of the 2.0-liter engine, the Equator Sport got a less powerful 170-horsepower 1.5-liter tubromotor. Interior is strictly 5-seater.

Ford Equator Sport 2022.

There is no other information about the novelty yet, the official premiere will surely take place before the end of the year.

We suppose that in Chinese model lineup Ford «shorty» Equator Sport will take a place between Escape and Chinese version Edge, which, we should remind, differs strongly from American one and is offered including with three-row saloon.

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