Ford Escort 2021.

Ford Escort 2021.

Ford Escort 2021.

It turns out that the Ford Escort is still alive: however, it is a completely different car.

Since two thousand fifteen, an inexpensive Ford sedan has been sold in China under the revived name «Escort» (the sixth generation of the Escort was discontinued from the beginning of the nude ones, replacing it with the first Focus).

At first, the car was in fairly high demand, and after three years the car was even slightly updated. But now the age of the four-door is making itself felt, and sales are gradually coming to naught (33,000 in the twentieth year against more than 200,000 in the early years).

The second restyling, which turned out to be significantly larger than the first, is called upon to save the situation.

First of all, the 2021 Ford Escort in a new body received a seriously changed appearance.

Ford Escort 2021.

From now on, the sedan attracts attention with a completely new «face», which looks noticeably more aggressive than the previous one, which was facilitated by the appearance of narrow LED headlights and an enlarged radiator grille.

A new bumper has appeared at the stern with the exhaust pipes set apart on the sides. However, the latter are only an imitation, while there is only one real pipe here and is located under the «skirt» of the bumper.

Ford Escort 2021.

Plus, the model got other lights, united by a chrome strip.

During the restyling, the Chinese Escort received a completely new interior with displays of a virtual instrument and a multimedia system placed on one panel without a visor.

The developers did not abandon the analog climate control unit, but from now on it is intended only to control the main functions, while fine tuning is carried out through multimedia.

In addition, the car received modified door panels, seats and a steering wheel.

Ford Escort 2021.

At the heart of the updated sedan is still a simplified platform from the 2nd generation Ford Focus, where a semi-independent suspension is installed instead of the rear multi-link.

Due to changes in appearance, the overall length of the four-door increased to 4633 (+ 46), while the wheelbase (2687 mm), as well as the width (1825 mm) and height (1490 mm) remained the same.

Ford Escort 2021.

The new Ford Escort 2021 model year is powered by a 1.5-liter three-cylinder aspirated with 122 hp, which the model received two years ago.

This unit can be combined either with mechanics or with a six-speed automatic machine.

In the Chinese market, the sale of the updated four-door will begin at the end of April twenty-first.

Pre-reform cars cost from 12,300 to 17,800 dollars (from 950,000 to 1,380,000 rubles at the current exchange rate), but restyled cars are likely to become a little more expensive.

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