Ford Everest 2023.

Ford Everest 2023.

Ford Everest 2023.

The new 2023 Ford Everest proves to be better than Japanese and Chinese SUVs: first model review.

Currently, for many car enthusiasts, American hardcore SUVs are still the preferred choice.

They are in no way inferior to Japanese all-terrain crossovers.

The development status and sales figures, overall driving texture, comfort, space and dynamic performance of the Americans are stronger than those of the Japanese, which can make a driver feel like a true king of the road.

The new Ford Everest 2023 was recently officially introduced. The car is equipped with a 3.0-liter turbocharged V6 engine.

In addition, it has a standard all-wheel drive system. The model stands out for its large, powerful body with a tank turnaround.

The cost of the novelty starts at 300,000 yuan (about 2,532,000 rubles), which basically coincides with the pricing of the Haval H9.

Ford Everest 2023.

Thus, the competitiveness and advantages of the Ford Everest become more evident.

The all-new 2023 Everest is completely different from the hardcore design concepts of early Ford SUVs.

The model incorporates a lot of decorative elements more typical of cars with an urban usage scenario.

Ford Everest 2023.

The overall sense of luxury is very strong, with the Everest being sporty and stylish.

Compared to a traditional hardcore SUV, it is more youthful and fits the aesthetic of young people.

Ford Everest 2023.

To meet the aesthetic standards and automotive needs of young people, the model offers different body colors.

Each shade can bring a different aura and momentum. The main design style of the model still uses mainly blackened kit, which is meant to enhance a certain hardcore aura of the SUV.

Ford Everest 2023.

To summarize, the new generation Ford Everest goes hand in hand with technology.

It is an oversized, high-performance, hardcore off-road SUV that meets the needs of young people for a modern-looking vehicle.


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