Ford Explorer 2020.

Ford Explorer 2020.

For the first time the new Ford Explorer 2020 6 generation made its debut on January 9, 2019 in America at the auto show. Model 2020 is a continuation of the line of Explorer crossovers, the interval between the release of the latest model was almost ten years. The fifth previous generation Explorer was introduced in 2010 (and the first generation in the early 90s). The popular auto company Ford is once again ready to present a restyled crossover with off-road indicators, you will learn more about it in the material.
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To begin with, it should be noted that the 2020 Ford Explorer will be assembled in America, or rather, in the city of Chicago, where the previous generation was actually assembled. Whether the car of this brand goes on sale in Russia, while there is no exact information, however, for this there are all the prerequisites — the popularity of the model in the Russian Federation.

The start of sales in Russia should be expected no earlier than the end of 2019 and the beginning of 2020, by this time more detailed information about the configuration and the price of the American crossover Ford Explorer 2020 for the Russian market will appear.

Body and dimensions.

The novelty will receive a new body, which resulted in many innovations. First of all, it is worth analyzing the appearance of the crossover, which has radically changed. Only, despite this change in appearance, the dimensions of the car were affected only slightly. The wheelbase has greatly changed, having expanded its distance between the axles by 160 mm, and now it is 3025 mm. With regards to overall parameters, there have been changes:

1. The length of the body has increased by only 3 mm, reaching 5050 mm.

2. The changes did not affect the width and height, which remained the same — 2004 and 1778 mm.

3. Ground clearance increased by 3 mm, totaling 20.1 cm.

It was expected that manufacturers will take care of reducing the total curb weight. The fifth-generation two-tonne crossover was reformed for the better, and now the new 6th generation weighs 51 kg less, that is 1971 kg. This is naturally a huge advantage for such large cars.

Exterior remodeling.

Continuing the review of the novelty of 2020 from the company Ford, it is necessary to emphasize serious changes in the exterior design. There are several reasons for a fundamental change in the appearance of Explorer:

1. For such a long interval between generations, the manufacturer simply had no way out. The release of the restyled version in the old body with a high degree of probability would be a failure.

2. A great desire to make a novelty is not just new, but also to improve the quality of driving. This was personally stated by the chief engineer of the concern, Bill Gubing. In order to understand what needs to be changed, one had to meet with certain categories of people, as well as collect reviews, view a form, etc.

The family crossover remained recognizable by retaining the following features:
 Rear optics — has undergone a minimum of improvements. Slightly only changed the shape of the headlights.
 Rear roof racks — remained completely the same form.

Headlights have changed in the direction of reducing the size, but the common features are preserved with headlights cars 5th generation. The grille has changed, and especially the dramatic changes have touched the front bumper, which has become more open.

The rear part has changed slightly, in particular, changes have occurred in the design of the bumper, which has changed its shape, although slightly. The rear door has changed, which has received stampings with a chrome strip and an indication of the car model. The exhaust pipes have become noticeable due to the presence of integrated linings in the design of the bumper. The shape of the exhaust pipes and their location remained the same.

In the outline of the new body around the perimeter there is a plastic body kit, which not only protects the lower part, but also makes the crossover more expressive. Plastic body kit is not only in the design of the bumpers, but also affects the sills and wheel arches. Off-road appearance of the car received through the use of alloy wheels, the dimensions of which are 18, 20 and 21 inches for the choice of the buyer.

Changes in the interior.

Car Ford Explorer sixth generation has changed inside. These changes affected almost the entire cabin, with the exception of roominess.

Number of seats and trunk volume.

As before, it will be a three-row configuration, designed for the maximum number of passengers in the number of 7 people. The manufacturer loudly announces increased comfort for passengers of the second and third row. Specifications say otherwise.

The free space for the second-row passengers was reduced by 13 mm, and the third-row riders would become even less comfortable, since the free space was reduced by 2 times. The volume of the luggage compartment has decreased from 595 liters to 515 liters. Manufacturers managed to compensate for this disadvantage by folding the backs of the third and second row seats.

Multimedia system.

The front of the cabin has also undergone reprocessing, and most fans have already found their shortcomings in this. Take at least 10.1-inch multimedia tablet, which remained not integrated into the front panel. However, this drawback has its own explanation — on the display you can view information both in its vertical and horizontal position.

In addition, it was not without expanding the functionality of the multimedia system. This includes various interfaces, such as USB ports, navigation, 4G module, Wi-Fi on 10 devices and other add-ons.

Front panel and its changes.

In the design of the front panel, in addition to the 10-inch display, there is another digital screen on 12.3 inches. This is a digital-type instrument panel that is designed to make driving even more comfortable and convenient.
All seats in the cabin are equipped with a heating system, so the probability of feeling discomfort in the winter is almost completely excluded.

Of the innovations, it is worth noting the introduction of such nice additions:

1. Auto parking system without driver.

2. Cruise control adaptive type.

3. Cameras of circular view.

4. Acoustic system consisting of 14 speakers.

Not all complete sets of the crossover will be equipped with full minced meat. In the basic configuration will be present 8-inch screen, as well as analog instrument panel. The interior uses different types of trim from natural leather to carpet.

About the security system of the updated model Ford Explorer 2020.

The basis of the new Ford Explorer is a security system called the Ford Co-Pilot 360. This system has a wide range of features:

 Alert the driver about the possibility of a collision.
 Pedestrian Detection.
 Emergency braking.
 Changing the headlights in automatic mode.
 Built-in rear view camera with washer.
 The determinant of «blind» zones.
 Automatic parking without the need to control the steering wheel and accelerator and brake pedals.

About power units.

Buy Ford Explorer 2020 in the United States as close as possible to the summer of 2019. And in Russia, the model will not appear before the end of 2019. It remains to find out what kind of power units will be equipped with Ford 6th generation Ford crossovers. New generation implies the use of two turbo engines from the EcoBoost series.

This will be a 2.3-liter unit with a power reserve of 304 horses and a torque of 420 Nm. As well as a three-liter engine with 370 horsepower and 515 Nm. The units of the second type are planned to be placed only on the top versions of the Explorer called Platinum. Hybrid version of the crossover will also be released.

The work of the power units is combined with the use of a 10-speed automatic. To control which in the central tunnel has a selector washer. Traditionally, the Ford Explorer will have a full wheel drive system. And on the simplest configurations it will be a rear-wheel drive system with the ability to connect the front wheels. All-wheel drive versions with 4WD scheme will be present on models of picking Platinum and ST.


During the presentation of the novelties in America by the manufacturer it was announced. What is planned to produce 6 complete sets of the 2020 Explorer. Photos and videos can be viewed below. In the meantime, we know that on sale we will see the following configuration.

 Standart.
 Limited.
 XLT.
 Hybrid.
 ST.
 Platinum.

What equipment will be sold in Russia. Not yet known. But at the same time the models will need to go through some improvements. To adapt cars to the climatic conditions and the quality of the road surface.

About prices.

When will the novelty in Russia has not been disclosed. And in the US, the first orders will begin no earlier than mid-summer. Expect the appearance of new items on the Russian land is not until autumn. And maybe even the beginning of winter. The total cost of the basic configuration of the crossover will be about $ 32500-32700. The cost of the platinum version will cost at least $ 45,000.

On the site you can also see a test drive of the car. And looking ahead, I would like to note that it shows good results. As in urban conditions and off-road.

The first reviews of fans testify. That apparently the new Ford Explorer has changed. But there were still some elements of similarity with the fifth generation model. Changed dramatically interior. However, the number of seats at the same time remained the same. It remains to follow the news of the release of new items. And its appearance in the dealerships of Russia. What will happen no earlier than the 4th period of 2019.

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