Ford Explorer 2021.

Ford Explorer 2021.

Ford Explorer 2021.

Ford Explorer 2021: A new take on an American off-road classic.
The Russian driver’s contingent is particularly interested in powerful full-size off-road vehicles. Perhaps that is why a lot of talk and judgment was caused by the restyling of the American SUV, which will be released under the name Ford Explorer 2021.

The new version of the all-terrain vehicle offers higher parameters of roominess, road comfort, driving and off-road characteristics. An analysis of the reviews showed that the new model line meets the needs of domestic motorists of all age categories.


In the photo in different projections, the new model demonstrates a combination of traditional corporate identity and new layout and design solutions. The Explorer of the 2021 model does not amaze the imagination with bright decor, while practicality and functionality dominate in the body design. The front side of the new version attracts attention:

Ford Explorer 2021.

a gentle angle of inclination of a large-format windshield;
side and central longitudinal reliefs of the massive bonnet;
decorative chrome plating of the perimeter and coarse mesh for the radiator cladding;
angular contours of head optics: basic with LED eyeliner or top-end LED headlights.

The design features of the middle tier of the front end include a black plastic grille for the ventilation duct and anti-fog optics integrated into the format of the side diffusers. The layout of the front end is completed with a curly protective panel of a plastic body kit.

The new body of the modernized all-terrain vehicle in profile looks just as functional. In the area of ​​attention is a flat roof equipped with roof rails, simple geometry and black plastic trim for side windows, a little deep aggressive relief and voluminous wheel arches.

The bodywork features chrome mirrors and door handles, a protective sill molding and an exclusive ribbed design of reinforced 20-inch titanium wheels.

From the rear side, the Ford Explorer 2021 is easily identified by the rectangular shade and rounded sides of the massive spoiler, the trapezoidal configuration of the rear window tapered upward, the original shape and graphics of the lanterns connected by a chrome strip.

The narrow protruding bumper is equipped with a massive plastic body kit. It includes horizontal fog lamps and two twin sets of tailpipes.

Ford Explorer 2021.


Even a cursory view reveals significant updates to the seven-seater interior. In particular, the functionality of the steering wheel and the information content of the virtual instrument panel operating in several modes have been increased.

The upper floor of the center console is occupied by a block of interior ventilation deflectors, in the center there is a medium format media command display.

The ground control panel with numerous control elements is responsible for activating and promptly setting up the standard functional and comfort-forming equipment.

The design of the compact tunnel includes a lever for the transmission mode switch, a set of cup holders, organizers and a soft armrest that serves as a cover for the refrigerator compartment.

The composition and functionality of on-board electronics, as well as special options, meets the high requirements of American standards.

The quality of finishing and decorative interior materials corresponds to the premium level. Available: genuine leather, carbon fiber, decorative wood and polished metal. The front seat service offers several adjustment ranges, lateral and lumbar support elements, ventilation and heating circuits.

The second row seats are designed as a reclining sofa, the lack of other travel amenities is compensated for by the large amount of personal space for each of the three riders. There are two seats with nominal comfort in the third row used to carry passengers on short trips.

By transforming the rear seats, the volume of the already roomy 600-liter trunk can be increased to 1243 and 2313 liters, respectively.

Ford Explorer 2021.


The upgrade of the SUV resulted in an increase in external dimensions to 5019 x 1988 and 1788 mm. The stable running and off-road characteristics of the new version of the Ford Explorer 2021 are provided by the length of the center base of 2860 mm and the clearance height of 210 mm.

The assets include a universal platform, a fully independent spring suspension with adaptive shock absorbers, an anti-roll bar, efficient disc brakes, an extended list of electronic assistants and security systems.

The SUV in the configuration for the Russian market is equipped with a 2-liter gasoline engine with an output of 237 hp / 240 Nm. More advanced all-wheel drive modifications are equipped with 3.5-liter power units of 249 hp. / 346 Nm and 340 hp / 485 Nm.

The entire engine range works in tandem with an uncontested 6-band automated transmission.

The test drive confirmed the excellent dynamics of acceleration, traction and speed parameters optimal for a particular engine.

Ford Explorer 2021.

Options and prices

The new Ford Explorer 2021 model year is announced by the manufacturer in four modifications of different cost and level of equipment. In Russia, the starting price of the base model starts at 2.7 million rubles. The approximate cost of the top versions will vary in the range of 3.3-3.5 million.

Sales start in Russia

Domestic motorists will be able to determine the merits and demerits of the Explorer sample of 2021 in the middle of this autumn season. The official specific release date in Russia is being specified.

Competing models

In the European market, powerful full-size SUVs are present in a small range, so the eminent American has relatively few real competitors.

The status of real rivals can be claimed by models of the same type with a class not lower than Mercedes-Benz GLE, Hyundai Santa Fe, BMW X6, Nissan Qashqai and Volvo XC90.

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