Ford Explorer 2024.

Ford Explorer 2024.

Ford Explorer 2024.

The new Ford Explorer for Europe has turned into an electric SUV based on VW.

Ford has introduced a new Explorer for the European market.

From a large and expensive crossover, the model has turned into a compact electric SUV, which is technically a relative of the German VW ID.4.

The declassified car was developed by the German division of the American company.

It has a completely original body and a rather brutal exterior design.

Its front part is notable for the presence of a plump bumper with a silver insert on the bottom.

Instead of a radiator grille, a plug is installed, and expressive LED headlights are united by a blackened strip on which the model name flaunts.

The model has large strokes of the wheel arches (the car can be put on wheels with a diameter of 19 to 21 inches).

She also has an unusual design of the rear pillars and, again, combined lights at the stern.

The interior of the Euro Explorer has a 14.6-inch portrait-oriented display of the Sync multimedia system.

The screen has twenty different adjustment positions at once, allowing you to tilt it at an angle of up to 30 degrees.

Ford Explorer 2024.

The dashboard here is much more modest — with a diagonal of only 5.0 inches. There is no projection display in the arsenal at all.

But on the top of the front panel there is a light-music tape. Here, the Americans placed a separate unit with the speakers of the audio system.

In general, the interior of the crossover is original, but the aforementioned VW ID.4 is reminiscent of a pair of power window buttons located on the driver’s door.

By default, they are responsible for controlling the front windows, but when you press a separate button next to them, you can already adjust the rear windows from them. The German model has the same «trick».

Ford Explorer 2024.

The transmission is controlled from the right steering column lever, and between the front seats, the Americans have provided a box with a volume of 17 liters.

The list of options available for the cabin is represented by dual-zone climate control, a panoramic roof, heated front seats and steering wheel, as well as a massage function for the driver’s seat.

The «European» Ford Explorer 2024 became the brand’s first-born, built on the basis of the MEB platform of the Volkswagen concern, with which the Americans have been cooperating for several years now.

The electric model has the following dimensions: length — 4.45 m, width — 1.87 m, height — 1.6.

Thus, the novelty turned out to be even more compact than the VW ID.4 platform SUV. The trunk volume is declared at the level of 450 liters, which is immediately 93 liters less than that of the «German».

Ford Explorer 2024.

The base (rear-wheel drive) version relies on a single 170 hp electric motor. and a traction battery with an effective capacity of 52 kWh.

By the way, the ID.4 had a similar modification, but at the moment it was excluded from the range due to low demand.

Next comes the option, in which the electric motor already produces 286 forces, and the battery costs 77 kWh.

Well, the flagship is an all-wheel drive twin-engine SUV. The total power of its units reaches 340 «mares», and the traction battery here is like that of the «average» version.

The exact power reserve has not yet been announced, but the estimated range of the listed modifications is 350, 540 and 490 km, respectively.

Ford Explorer 2024.

The model can be equipped with a 170 kW DC charger (ID.4 has a maximum of 135 kW).

The electric SUV will be offered in two trim levels with the uncomplicated names «Explorer» and «Explorer Premium».

Of the «smart» electronics, adaptive cruise control is announced for it, in the arsenal of which there are twelve ultrasonic radars, five cameras and three millimeter radars at once.

The Americans will launch the model at their plant in Cologne. In Europe, the acceptance of orders for an electric car will open in September twenty-third, but full-fledged sales will begin only in the twenty-fourth.

However, the price tag for the model has already been announced — from 45,000 euros (3.7 million rubles at the current exchange rate). By the way, for a platform-based ID.4 in Germany, they ask from €46,300 (3.8 million rubles).

Note that the new compact Explorer is intended only for Europe, while in the US and China, the Americans will continue to produce the usual full-size version of the crossover.

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