Ford Explorer King Ranch 2021.

Ford Explorer King Ranch 2021.

Ford Explorer King Ranch 2021.

Ford Explorer King Ranch 2021 is a rich version of a crossover with a gasoline turbo engine.

Recently, a new Ford Explorer was presented, which in its top-end configuration has a code name — King Ranch.

According to the manufacturers, this will be the most luxurious version ever released.

Fans of this crossover will be in for a surprise, but meanwhile, you should understand that this is only one of the planned configurations, it is simply made in a luxury version.

This modification has a rather interesting history of appearance. Royal Ranch? it is this logo that Ford uses on the upholstery of some interior parts.


In appearance and decoration, the 2021 Ford Explorer King Ranch is a true American warrior capable of handling any challenge.

Ford Explorer King Ranch 2021.

The refined style has received some aggressiveness, since this is already an almost full-fledged SUV that has the features of a crossover.

The front of the car is decorated with new LED lights in a narrow design. The radiator grille now has a new shape. Its inner space is filled with a scaly mesh.

The model received new 20-inch wheels with original logos. In its shape, the body slowly tapers towards the rear of the car and smoothly transitions to the upper lip of the tailgate.

The design turned out to be quite ergonomic, which made it possible to obtain good dynamic qualities.

Many critics have compared this model to a prestigious farm car that has a rich interior in the signature King Ranch styling.

Ford Explorer King Ranch 2021.

Salon and equipment

The King Ranch version is almost exclusive. The most important difference from the basic variants is that the interior uses expensive brown leather of the premium segment. It is used everywhere: finishing small parts, door cards, armrests, front and rear seats.

Inside, there is a huge number of American ranch logos, which emphasize the separate status of this version of the Ford Explorer.

The second distinguishing feature of this configuration is the use of natural African wood in the decoration. The salon looks decent.

It is immediately clear that this car is a premium segment. The driver’s seat is comfortable enough. There is a built-in multisystem, a large screen located in the center of the torpedo and plays the role of an on-board computer.

The King Ranch version gets a modern steering wheel that has tons of useful buttons.

They help the driver stay focused on driving. Almost all electronics comply with strict American regulations, which allows the manufacturer to claim the exceptional safety of the vehicle.

Ford Explorer King Ranch 2021.

The salon is equipped with separate climate control, there is a heated front and rear row of seats. The car is roomy enough. She has a large trunk that can be expanded.


At the heart of the crossover is a completely new, innovative platform, which is based on an independent spring suspension.

It is paired with two adaptive dampers. There is a stabilizer bar. It improves the vehicle’s handling at high speed.


Length — 5019 mm
Width — 1988 mm
Height — 1788 mm
Wheelbase — 2860 mm

It is noteworthy that the SUV for the Russian market will be equipped with a 2-liter engine, which at its peak produces 237 hp.

There is also a complete set with a 3-liter turbo engine. It has a capacity of 365 hp. Both variants can be equipped with rear-wheel or all-wheel drive.

The power units in both versions are paired with an uncontested automatic transmission, which has 6 shift ranges. The Explorer King Ranch 2021 has good dynamics, which allows it to feel confident in any driving situation.

In general, the car received good acceleration, excellent cross-country ability, which allows owners to use it in different situations.

Ford Explorer King Ranch 2021.


With regard to this issue, a rather interesting situation has developed in the European and CIS markets. The Ford Explorer King Ranch has no direct competitors, and if they appear, then their number is minimal.

Among the real rivals that can compete with this model are several European brands: Mercedes-Benz GLE, Volvo XC90, BMW X6, Hyundai Santa Fe.

Release date and prices

According to official dealers, the Ford Explorer King Ranch will appear in the Russian Federation around the end of autumn 2021. The exact date of the sale is still unknown. The car is planned to be delivered directly from the USA.

The cost of new items will depend on the configuration option, on the type of drive. It is known that for the King Ranch version you will have to pay about 4 million rubles.

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