Ford Explorer ST-Line 2022.

Ford Explorer ST-Line 2022.

Ford Explorer ST-Line 2022.

Ford Explorer ST-Line 2022: charged crossover with rear-wheel drive.

Through the efforts of American automotive industry specialists Russian drivers began to give preference to vehicles of «large caliber». This trend has developed for a very long time. A striking example is Ford cars, which are very popular.

In particular, the hearts of motorists won the Explorer models, which come off the assembly line for over 30 years. For such a long time, they managed to change more than one generation.

The last 6th generation falls in the 2020 model year and immediately became a success.

The manufacturer has included a simplified, rear-wheel-drive version of the 2022 model year Ford Explorer ST-Line in the Explorer range, similar to the Explorer ST-version by popular demand.


The new SUV has taken on a more striking appearance compared to its 2016 model year predecessors. The headlights are divided into several segments.

At the same time, in the basic package is available LED eyeliner, and the more expensive versions received LED-lighting. The grille itself repeats the performance of the Explorer ST — the same black with a mesh structure.

The front bumper has a textured design contains two notches on the sides, where fog lights are built in (under the main optics). The abundance of faceted forms, transitions, together with clear lines gives the novelty a special charm.

Ford Explorer ST-Line 2022.

ST-Line modification has several key features in the profile:

Ergonomic rails make loading and unloading of luggage easier.

Light-alloy wheels are provided in different sizes — from 18 to 20 inches, depending on the configuration.

The lower part of the doors is decorated with chrome molding in tone with silver handles.

To the image of a «heavyweight» adds a touch of prestige, integrated in the side mirrors, crystal turn signals.

A long and wide hood smoothly passes into the sloped front pillars. At the same time the driver has good visibility.

The black edging of the side windows adds dynamism to the image.

The rear part of the body has been changed. Behind the 5th door there is a spacious luggage compartment.

The rear L-shaped headlights (they go slightly into the side panel of the body) include a C-shaped segment to indicate the rear.

The headlight assemblies are connected by a chrome crosspiece across the width of the trunk. Above it is a brand emblem with the name, and below that is the license plate pad.

Ford Explorer ST-Line 2022.

The body color scheme consists of 6 colors:


In the upper part, the engineers placed a beautiful spoiler, which includes a strip of LEDs. The edge pillars are painted black, which creates the illusion of a single rounded canvas of glazing.

Interior and equipment

Ford’s interior has been significantly transformed and the cardinal difference is a different steering wheel, which has now become more comfortable to grip.

On its inner side runs red decorative stitching, and the form itself corresponds to the sports styling. In addition, the steering wheel is heated.

The front panel has wooden inserts, and in the center is cozily placed multimedia system display, exactly between the two ventilation deflectors and two more — on both sides near the doors. Slightly lower is the climate control unit.

Modern software of the main unit is able to perceive not only voice commands, but also gestures, as well as orders from a smartphone.

There is support for Android Auto, including Apple CarPlay, it is possible to create a Wi-Fi access point.

The door cards are neatly made with rectangular molding. The interior trim materials are in line with the premium segment.

Ford Explorer ST-Line 2022.

These are soft plastic that surrounds the driver, leather, inserts of wood or metal. The seats have received Ebony Black ActiveX trim with Miko elements, which makes them as comfortable as possible, by including different adjustments.

Passengers in the second row are offered no less comfortable sofa with adjustable backrest.

Meanwhile, buyers have a choice — regardless of the configuration there can be both traditional wide seating, and separate seats, which was not available before.

Two children or adults can be placed on the third row, but if the second row can be comfortably seated and even long trips will not be tiresome, the last one will have enough comfort for a short while.

Technical Specifications

Under the hood of the Explorer ST-Line is a four-cylinder turbocharged 2.3-liter EcoBoost power unit rated at 300 hp and producing 420 Nm.

This is the intermediate link between versions XLT and Limited, equipped with a 10-speed automatic, including all-wheel drive.

For the Russian market there is a car with a 3.5 liter V6 engine under the hood with 249 «horses» and developing 485 Nm of power.

On board the «charged» crossover Ford Explorer biturbo engine V6 of the same series EcoBoost volume of 3 liters.

This EcoBoost turbocharged unit is noticeably more powerful — 405 hp, 563 Nm. It works paired with a 10-band transmission. And it is also an all-wheel drive car.

Ford Explorer ST-Line 2022.


Length (mm) 5,019
Width (mm) 1,988
Height (mm) 1 788
Ground clearance 210

In fact, the car Ford Explorer ST-Line is designed for people who value not the performance indicators, but just a dynamic image.


Competitors to the new car Explorer are representatives of different nationalities:
Infiniti QX70.
Volkswagen Touareg.
Nissan Murano.
Honda Pilot.
Volvo XC60.
Toyota Land Cruiser Prado.
KIA Mohave.
Land Rover Discovery Sport.

The cost of the competitor in the most minimal configuration is about 2,750,000 rubles, and the most expensive version comes to 4 million.

Release Date and Prices

Sales of the novelty on the territory of Russia has already started and now the salons of the official dealer are ready for an influx of buyers anywhere in the Russian Federation.

The cost of the novelty starts at $41,400, which corresponds to 3.1 million rubles at the current exchange rate.

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