Ford F-150 Lightning 2021.

Ford F-150 Lightning 2021.

Ford F-150 Lightning 2021.

Ford F-150 Lightning: the electric version of the most popular pickup in the United States

In May 21st, Americans unveiled an electric version of the Ford F-150 pickup, named the prefix «Lightning».

Such a truck was built on the basis of the standard version, but at the same time it has a number of unique features.

Outside, the battery-powered F-150 can be distinguished by its characteristic LED strips, visually combining headlights and lanterns.

Inside, the main feature is the 15.5-inch vertical tablet of the Sync 4A multimedia system.

The latter is offered for a surcharge and «eats up» a lot of free space on the front panel, which is why the developers even had to abandon a number of physical buttons.

Now their functions are assigned to multimedia, which can be controlled both from the touchscreen and using voice commands. Plus, the complex can boast of the ability to upgrade «over the air».

Ford F-150 Lightning 2021.

The 2021 Ford F-150 Lightning features a four-door SuperCrew cab and a 1.68 meter long cargo area.

Compared to the petrol version, it has a stronger frame, which had to be reinforced to accommodate the traction battery located between the side members.

Plus, the «green» version of the model flaunts the presence of an independent rear suspension, while the gasoline F-150 has a continuous axle.

Since there is no standard engine here, the engineers used the vacated space to organize the front trunk.

Ford F-150 Lightning 2021.

The latter has a volume of 400 liters here and is designed to carry goods weighing up to 180 kg. Inside the compartment there are four household outlets and two USB connectors.

The front trunk lid is electrically operated.

The lightning-fast F-150 debuts on the market in two versions. Each of them has two electric motors located at the front and rear, respectively. In other words, both versions are all-wheel drive.

The output of the engines in the basic version of the Standard Range is 432 hp. (1,051 Nm).

Ford F-150 Lightning 2021.

The battery capacity is not advertised (approximately 90 kWh), but it is capable of providing a cruising range of 370 km. Carrying capacity of the machine — 907 kg. The maximum weight of the towed trailer is 3.5 tons.

The more advanced version of the Extended Range has a performance of 571 hp and a torque of 1,051 Nm. It can travel up to 480 km without recharging.

The carrying capacity of the modification has been reduced to 816 kg, but it can pull a trailer weighing up to 4.5 tons. It is reported that, being unloaded, such a pickup can accelerate from zero to hundreds in 4.5 seconds.

When using the simplest home terminal, it will take about 14 hours to fully charge the battery of a basic truck (for a long-range one — all 19).

If you use a special station with a capacity of 150 kW, then it will be possible to replenish the battery from 15% to 80% in 41-44 minutes.

Ford F-150 Lightning 2021.

The Americans also note that from such a pickup you can power both various household devices and the whole house, which can be useful in the event of a power outage. With this operation, the power will be limited to 9.6 kW.

Interestingly, a special electronic system is offered for a surcharge for the model. Based on the readings of numerous sensors, it is able to determine the remaining range depending on the current battery charge.

Another option is the BlueCruise autopilot, which allows the driver to take their hands off the steering wheel when driving on the highway.

Acceptance of orders for an electric pickup in the United States is already open, but the first «live» Ford F-150 Lightning will appear at dealers only in the spring of 2022.

The basic version of the model can be purchased at a price of $ 40,000 (2.9 million rubles at the current exchange rate), while the «average» XLT configuration is estimated at $ 53,000 (3.9 million rubles).

Note that the truck will be produced at the plant in Dearborn, which is not far from Detroit. The company allocated $ 700 million for the re-equipment of this enterprise.

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