Ford Focus ST-Line 2021.

Ford Focus ST-Line 2021.

Ford Focus ST-Line 2021.

Ford Focus updated in Europe: again with «robot».

Actually, the right of the first night with the updated Focus was with the Chinese: in China restyling family made its debut a year ago.

But the modernization of the European Focus was made by Ford according to another program.

Even the appearance is changed in a different way: Focus has got a new, flatter hood, and the front edge of the nose fairing is higher than before. The emblem is now located on the grille.

Headlights have become narrower, they are LED already «in base» — with automatic high beam and fog lights (there are no separate «fog lights» in the bumper anymore).

And for a surcharge they offer matrix headlights, which can change the shape of the light beam to avoid blinding the drivers of other cars on the road.

The rear lights have been changed, and their diffusers are now slightly darkened.

As before, only the five-door hatchback and station wagon are offered in Europe.

The Titanium, ST-Line and Active variants now have more visual differences, and it’s not just about decor.

For example, the cross-version Active with increased ground clearance (163 mm instead of 135 mm) and plastic dodger has got original radiator grille with vertical bars.

Ford Focus ST-Line 2021.

And the «discontented» ST-Line with a clearance of 123 mm is distinguished by a grille with large cells.

A separate Vignale package is canceled, but now the package with the same name can be ordered for all rich versions, including even Active and ST-Line.

The essence is the same: extended chrome decoration and expensive interior trim.

The interior of the Focus is also updated. Virtual instruments on 12.3-inch screen appeared last year, and now the media system is replaced.

The rich versions now have a 13.2-inch widescreen touchscreen instead of the Sync 3 device with an 8-inch screen, and climate control and all heats are now integrated into it.

Only a few hardware buttons and a volume knob remain on the console. The Sync 4 media system itself has advanced voice control and an over-the-air update system.

The station wagon has become more practical. Its trunk still has a volume of 1,653 liters (with the seats folded), but now it is trimmed with the same quality carpeting as the floor of the interior of the Vignale version.

Ford Focus ST-Line 2021.

Nets-pockets have been added on the sides, the raised floor panel can now be turned into a vertical divider, and there is also a «wet area» for dirty things, which has an easy-to-wash coating.

Trunk’s lighting is improved (two diode lights), there are additional stickers and icons, which explain how to use different functions: the company’s surveys showed that only 2% of Focus owners know about all the features of their cars’ trunks.

The complex of electronic assistants has been finalized. For example, the system will not only warn the driver of the obstacle, but also a pulse on the steering wheel will turn the car back to its side at a speed of 65 to 200 km / h.

And the system of automatic braking will help to avoid head-on collisions when passing the intersection, although the system can save you from turning across the oncoming car only at a speed of 30 km/h.

The engine range is once again revised. Focus has finally lost its petrol turbo engine 1.5 EcoBoost, which was kept only due to the fact that it was aggregated with an eight-speed automatic.

Now the versions with turbo 1.0 EcoBoost Hybrid, which has 48-volt starter-generator and makes 125 or 155 hp, can be two-pedal.

And such Focus relies no longer «automatic», and seven-speed «robot» Powershift with two clutches, although during the debut of the fourth generation Ford refused from such a box. And this «robot» has a traditional shift lever instead of a puck.

Ford Focus ST-Line 2021.

There are still junior versions of the 1.0 EcoBoost motor in the range without the hybrid add-on. They produce 100 or 125 hp and are paired only with a six-speed manual.

The older 2.0 EcoBlue turbodiesel is excluded from the range, although the 1.5 EcoBlue engine is still available.

The 95 hp version is only available with manual transmission, while the 120 hp version is also available with an eight-speed automatic.

The «charged» Ford Focus ST also has no diesel. Henceforth these hatchbacks and wagons are available only with petrol turbo engine 2.3 EcoBoost (280 hp) and electronically controlled differential lock.

The choice is a six-speed «mechanics» or seven-speed «robot» PowerShift. And also the Focus ST has got new front seats with increased lateral support and a standard electric drive.

Ford Focus ST-Line 2021.

The hatchback can accelerate to 100 km/h in 5.7 seconds, and the wagon — for 5.8 seconds regardless of the gearbox. The top speed is 250 km/h.

The updated Focus is already available to order on the European market. For example, in Germany, prices start from 22450 euros for a hatchback with a 100-horsepower turbocharged engine.

In the best years, 500-540 thousand cars of the first generation were sold, last year 174 thousand cars were sold.

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