Ford Galaxy 2022.

Ford Galaxy 2022.

Ford Galaxy 2022.

Ford has cut the European range of the Galaxy minivan. The manufacturer has decided to eliminate diesel engines from the offering.

Now the 7-seat American model is equipped only with a hybrid powertrain (HEV). The car is also distinguished by full equipment and the ECO designation.

The American brand has made major adjustments to its seven-seat van range.

The Ford Galaxy offering has been significantly reduced. The fact is that the manufacturer has removed all powertrains from the list of available, leaving the only option.

Thus, the hybrid technology (HEV) now takes center stage. Previously, the car was available with diesel 2.0-liter motors with 150 and 190 hp.

But stringent emissions standards have forced Ford to focus on electrification. Moreover, earlier the same fate befell the S-Max minivan.

In addition to the reduction in supply, the manufacturer has left on the market only one configuration of the Ford Galaxy — Titanium.

Ford Galaxy 2022.

However, it boasts a wide range of features.
Galaxy is seven-seater without any reservations: its «Gallery» is hospitable even to adults who can sit on it without knees resting on backs of seats of the second row.

And possibilities of transformation in «Galactic» are a little bit wider.

Galaxy is richer in fog headlights, pair of seats of the third row, folding tables and improved sun visors.

Ford Galaxy 2022.

But you will have to pay extra for ESP (9100 rubles) and CD-magnitol (9900 rubles), which are available in base S-Max. However, even in such kind any of them is a worthy choice for those who are looking for capacious European minivan with high quality of assembling.

More capacious Galaxy is better suited for the role of a corporate vehicle.

Either way, no one is stopping you from building your own Ford to suit your specific needs, by referring to the extensive list of options.

Ford Galaxy 2022.

The second level of equipment for Galaxy is called Ghia (+66,000 rubles), and for S-Max — Titanium (+62,000 rubles).

In fact, the differences between them are minimal: 17-inch alloy wheels, rain and light sensors, heated windshield and electric driver’s seat — mandatory.

Thus, a cruise control, an air conditioner for back interior and drawers under front seats are distinctive features of Ghia while Titanium has heated front seats and color LCD panel of devices.

And finally, the Sport version, which is more expensive than the base by 189,000 rubles, is possible only for S-Max.

Ford Galaxy 2022.

Externally, these cars can be easily distinguished by 18-inch wheels, a spoiler on the fifth door, lowered sports suspension, xenon headlights and tinting.

And the interior is aptly complemented by alcantara in seat trim and aluminum pedal pads.

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