Ford GT 2020-2011.

Ford GT 2020.

Ford GT 2020-2011.

Ford GT 2020-2011: style, speed, reliability.
For a long time, one of the most popular sports cars from the Western Hemisphere is the model from the Ford brand, referred to as the GT.

The car not so long ago received a slight restyling, and now it will completely change a generation. The update will greatly affect every parameter of the machine.

She will receive a very aggressive look, while retaining a recognizable appearance, not bad for a sports car, the interior, as well as characteristics, thanks to which the car will quickly pick up speed.

The downside of the 2020 Ford GT is that it will only be sold to true fans of the brand, and will also be produced in a very limited edition.


The new model is quite different from its predecessor in appearance, but it still remains recognizable thanks to the use of traditional details, which only slightly change their appearance from year to year.

Ford GT 2020.

The new body looks very aggressive in the front. This part is wide enough, and is also located at a large slope, which seriously improves aerodynamics.

The design of the bonnet, which is decorated with a pair of interesting cutouts, will seem familiar to many.

On the sides of the cover there are solid protrusions, where at the ends you can see polygonal headlights, for filling which laser lights will be used in any configuration. Only the Ford brand badge can be seen between the headlights.

A lot of everything is contained in the bumper body kit. Most of the area is set aside for a trapezoidal air intake, which is filled with a coarse mesh painted in gloss black.

There is also a whole scattering of relief and additional cutouts on the sides, through which the cold air flow enters the front brakes and goes further to the engine compartment.

Ford GT 2020.

The sports car looks no less aggressive on the sides. Here, large doors that open upwards immediately catch the eye.

They also contain small windows, which will be adorned with glossy black bezels, rear-view mirrors placed on a very thin and long stem, lots of relief and air intake cutouts.

Below you can find the large wheel arches that have extensions. Those at the front boast turn signal repeaters, while those at the rear start with a huge air intake through which cold air enters the engine. There are also air intakes on the sills.

Most unlike what it was before, the rear of the car. It stands out for its low rise and decent width. It all starts here with a large window, under which there is a motor.

Next up is the main body of the boot lid, which includes an interesting spoiler that only appears when needed.

The main part of the bumper contains massive dimensional signals that have received a round shape, a pair of exhaust pipes located exactly in the center, as well as a solid relief.

On the bumper bodywork, you can see a couple of air intake grilles, a plate for mounting a license plate, stop lights and a diffuser.

Ford GT 2020.


As for a sports car, the inside of the new 2020 Ford GT won’t do so badly. The interior will be made of carbon fiber, Alcantara and aluminum.

You can also find here inserts made of light, but high quality plastic. The car boasts a good multimedia complex and quite comfortable seats.

The dashboard does not take up much space here. It houses only a touchscreen display and a few switches.

All other vehicle controls can be found on the steering wheel and small tunnel. Behind the steering wheel, you can see another display, which acts as a dashboard with instruments.

Also, the car boasts good seats, which will be finished with Alcantara. They will get good lateral support, non-adjustable head restraints, a heating system and the ability to slightly adjust the position using electric drives.

Ford GT 2020.


The engine compartment of the 2020 Ford GT will be filled with a 3.5-liter gasoline engine, from which, with the help of two turbines, 669 horsepower is squeezed out.

Together with the engine, a seven-speed automatic transmission will work, which transfers all efforts only to the rear axle.

The performance of a car with such an engine has not yet been announced, so it remains only to wait for a test drive to understand what it is capable of.

Previously, the car accelerated to a hundred in 2.8 seconds, and the maximum speed was limited to 347 kilometers per hour.

Options and prices

Also, the price of the car has not yet been announced. Most likely, it will not be announced, since all the cars have already been sold out.


The car’s rivals are Lamborghini Huracan and Ferrari 488.

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