Ford Kuga 2020.

Ford Kuga 2020.

Compact crossover Ford Kuga was released in 2008 by the American automaker Ford. For this short period of time, the crossover has been modernized twice. In order to restore the popularity of this brand, the company launches a new Ford Kuga 2020 model year, which has undergone another large-scale restyling.

Changes for the better can be traced at a glance, but we will not run ahead, and find out that the manufacturer has been improved and changed in the 2020 Ford Kuga crossover.

About dimensions.

Unlike its predecessor, the new Ford Kuga 2020 has increased dimensions. Body dimensions correspond to the following data:

 Length — 4613 mm
 Width — 1882 mm
 Height 1683 mm
 Wheelbase — 2710 mm.

In relation to the previous modification, the crossover increased in length by 89 mm, width by 44 mm and the distance between the wheels by 20 mm. Changed down the height of only 20 mm, which had a positive effect on the aerodynamic parameters. The corrections made to the overall parameters entailed an increase in the curb weight of 90 kg. Ground clearance — the same clearance, also increased due to the installation of 19-inch wheels with low profile tires.

About the appearance of new items.

Photos of the new model is already available, from which it is clear that the external restyling of the crossover was cardinal. The car after the update has remained, as before, a compact crossover, but with an extraordinary appearance. The novelty received a completely new body, and the C2 platform was taken as the basis for it. Appearance is distinguished by rigor and style, and there is a slight resemblance to the Porsche Cayenne.

The massive front part consists of a large oval false radiator grille with a mesh grid as a filling. The bonnet has a slight forward bias. Compared with the previous model, the front has become more elongated. Head optics have an oval shape with a lens-shaped filling. The lower part of the head optics is underlined by LED strips of daytime running lights.

Plastic body kit is divided by an additional grille at the bottom. On the sides are air ducts that provide active cooling of the brake system of the front wheels. In the design of the side ducts installed fog lights, divided into two parts with a plastic strip. The lower part of the body kit is elegantly complemented by a spoiler.

The side of the crossover looks elegant, and from the previous version, the restyled modification is distinguished by the appearance of the stamping in the lower part of the front and rear doors. The changes also affected the opening handles of the doors, which are more recessed into the body.

Ford Kuga 2020.

Thresholds have been modified, which are painted in the color of the car body, and practically do not stand out. The side mirrors slightly changed their shape, which made it possible to increase the aerodynamic properties. Looking ahead, you should also note that the hybrid versions of the crossover have a hatch for connecting the charger. It is located on the side near the front wheel on the driver’s side of the wheel arch. On the same side, only on the rear wheel arch is a hatch for refueling liquid fuel.

On the back of the need to say that fundamental changes have occurred here. The first thing that strikes the restyled version of the 3rd-generation Ford Kuga is the redesigned form of optics.

If in the previous version the rear optics had a large square-angle shape, then on a restyled modification, it was stretched due to a rectangular appearance. Part of the taillight is traditionally located on the fifth door of the crossover, and the second part of it on the body, turning on its side.

The design of the fifth door was modified, on which, instead of a depression in the center, a bulge appeared. The glass on the rear door, in contrast to the previous modification, is located at an angle, and from above the continuation of the sliding roof smoothly flows into a neat spoiler. On the roof there are barely noticeable rails.

The shape of the protruding rear body kit has been modified, with chrome-plated oval tailpipes at the bottom of which are located.
The next update is guaranteed to refresh and improve the appearance of the crossover, which is more suitable under the name of a large hatchback. The appearance has become more dynamic, rapid and stylish, which will certainly highlight the crossover in city traffic.

What changes have occurred in the cabin.

Salon restyled Ford Kuga model has undergone a radical modernization. For finishing applied high-quality and wear-resistant materials. The manufacturer has bothered to install new comfortable seats. On the torpedo is a large multimedia display touch screen size of 8 inches. The instrument panel is also presented in the form of an LCD display, whose size is equal to 12.3 inches.

Wide central tunnel with compartments for cups and various small things. Closer to the driver is the gearshift in the form of a selector washer for complete sets with automatic transmissions. The original three-spoke steering wheel with control buttons for different systems in the car. From the useful additions of the Ford Kuga salon, the 3rd generation should also be noted:

 High-end audio system with 10 speakers.
 Built-in Wi-Fi router.
 Dual-zone climate control.
 Panoramic sunroof that will not be present on models in the basic configuration.
 Electrically adjustable front seats.
 Cruise control.
 Definition of pedestrians.

The car also has an independent switching system for the headlights and for keeping the vehicle in the lane. Transformation of the back of the sofa allows you to increase the amount of luggage more than 2 times (from 523 liters to 1062 liters), but this option is not available for hybrid versions.

About technical parameters.

One of the most disturbing questions of future owners and just fans of this crossover model is technical specifications. The manufacturer did not stint on the power equipment of the novelty, and diversified it with a wide palette of units — gasoline turbo engines, turbo diesel engines and even hybrid modifications. News about what parameters the engines will have is already known.

 Petrol three-cylinder engines of two types with the same volume of 1.5 liters, but differing in power — 120 and 150 horses. Both types of turbo engines are assembled by manual gearboxes in 6 stages, and are only front-wheel drive.

 Diesel power units are four-cylinder turbocharged units with a volume of 1.5 and 2 liters. The power of the first version is 120 horses, and the second is increased to 190 hp Engaged in a pair of engines will be with two types of transmission to the choice of the buyer — 6 manual transmission or 8 automatic transmission. The first type of engine will have only front-wheel drive, and the second is supplemented by the possibility of connecting all-wheel drive.

Ford Kuga 2020.

Hybrid modification will not be of the same type. The first version of the EcoBlue Hybrid combines the use of a 2-liter turbodiesel together with a 48-volt starter-generator. Starter-generator operation is carried out from a low-capacity battery, with the help of which assistance is provided to a diesel engine during acceleration. Consumption of a car with this combination is only 5 liters per 100 km.

The second version of the hybrid configuration combines a 2.5-liter gasoline engine with an electrical installation for 225 horsepower. Compile this version will be an electromechanical variator, and the total fuel consumption per 100 km does not exceed 5.6 liters. And the most charged modification in the hybrid version is the Ford Kuga Plug-in Hybrid.

As a power equipment used 2.5-liter Atkinson engine, combined with an electric motor with a return of 225 horsepower. And that is not all. These two units are complemented by a lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 14.4 kWh. Fuel consumption of this modification is only 1.2 liters, and the net mileage on an electric engine reaches 50 km. To replenish the battery charge, it takes at least 4 hours to recharge.

When it comes out and how much it will cost.

Knowing about the new product maximum information, there is a desire to buy it. The start of sales in the European car market of the new Ford Kuga 2020 will take place not earlier than the beginning of the summer of 20019 with diesel and gasoline engines. Hybrid models will appear closer to 2020. When the car will be released in Russia is not yet known. There is information that the novelty will not appear on the Russian market at all, since Ford has stated that the production of Ford cars in Russia has been discontinued.

Configuration and prices are not yet known, as official information from the manufacturer has not yet been reported. It is known that the new product will be presented in such modifications as Trend, Titanium, ST-Line, Vignale. Preliminary information says that in the base modification the new Kuga crossover from Ford will cost from 26 thousand euros.

Video review of the new Ford Kuga 2020.


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