Ford Mondeo Evos 2021-2022.

Ford Mondeo Evos 2021-2022.

Ford Mondeo Evos 2021-2022.

Ford Mondeo Evos has evolved into a high-performance fastback.
A new render of the 2022 Ford Mondeo Evos, a very attractive coupe-crossover, has been posted online.

Considering that the tests of the model have just begun and will last a maximum of 1.5 years, the first copies will arrive at European dealers no earlier than in the second half of 2022, and the global presentation will take place in late spring 2022.

Prototypes of the new 2022 Ford Mondeo Evos have already hit the streets. The American brand already has test vehicles with production car features and it is clear that the Mondeo will undergo a radical transformation in handicap and design, becoming an attractive SUV. It’s a great time to re-render the future model.

This is the second preview of the upcoming 2022 Ford Mondeo Evos after prototypes hit the streets. It is already known that soon we will say goodbye to the Mondeo as we knew it, both in the form of a traditional four- and five-door sedan and a traditional station wagon, which gave way to a very sporty crossover.

What’s more, the upcoming Mondeo Evos will actually be a coupe-like crossover with an emphasis on sportier styling that will be reflected in an all-new front fascia.

Ford Mondeo Evos 2021-2022.

The hexagonal grille, characteristic of all Mondeo models, becomes a large inverted trapezoid with highly rounded edges.

The large radiator grille has an internal structure with large openings painted in high-gloss black and very narrow headlights with a prominent LED strip, as well as a thin chrome strip that acts as a link. Below them will be located additional headlights, in the style of other models on the market.

Ford stylists have created a silhouette with a curved roofline, a very clean and elegant design with recessed door handles, and red painted brake calipers and large 20-inch alloy wheels add a dose of sportiness. As we already know, the Mondeo Evos will have a large horizontal screen in the style of BMW and Mercedes.

Ford Mondeo Evos 2021-2022.

The future Mondeo Evos is based on the C2 platform from Focus and Kuga, so it will receive front-wheel drive and all-wheel drive, with the latter in the most powerful versions.

Ford will offer a range of MHEV four-cylinder petrol engines, plug-in hybrids and plug-in hybrids starting at 150 PS.

Now prototypes of the novelty are undergoing road tests. The model is expected to go on sale next year.

The American manufacturer decided to gradually phase out the production of passenger cars around the world in 2018. Then it became known about the brand’s intention to focus on the SUV segment (however, a number of fashion models, such as the Mustang sports car, will remain).

Recall that the reduction of the passenger line will also affect the Ford Mondeo (known as Fusion in the USA), its current generation appeared back in 2014.

Later it became known that the model would leave, but not quite: it would be turned into a new coupe-like crossover, which would probably be given the name Mondeo Evos.

Ford Mondeo Evos 2021-2022.

Recently it became known that the prototypes of the novelty are already undergoing road tests: the photo spies managed to catch them during the tests. So now the designer of the Spanish edition has presented a new version of what the next SUV of the Ford brand might look like.

Judging by the image, the Mondeo Evos crossover will have a coupe-like body, a large hexagonal radiator grille with a pattern in the form of large cells, a sloping hood with embossed stampings, black glossy decorative elements.

The designer drew a narrow head optics for the SUV with an LED strip in the upper part, and the headlights are interconnected by a thin chrome line. The car presented in the new render received a black roof.

Ford Mondeo Evos 2021-2022.

The door handles of this car are flush, the 20-inch rims have an original design, and behind them, as noted in the publication, are red brake calipers hinting at the sporty character of the car. The Mondeo Evos is expected to have a large horizontally oriented multimedia system in the cabin.

So far, only the in-plant index of the future Ford novelty is known — CD542. According to preliminary data, it was based on the Ford C2 platform. Recall that the current Focus is based on it, as well as the Kuga SUV (in some markets — Ford Escape).

Recently, another SUV — Bronco Sport — was put on the same «cart» — its presentation took place in the summer of 2020, simultaneously with the frame SUV of the Bronco family.

The Mondeo Evos is expected to have front-wheel drive and all-wheel drive versions, and the line-up will include four-cylinder petrol engines as part of the so-called «soft hybrid powertrains». There will also be hybrids, including rechargeable 150hp.

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