Ford Mondeo Evos 2022.

Ford Mondeo Evos 2022.

Ford Mondeo Evos 2022.

Ford Mondeo Evos 2022. By abolishing the Mondeo, and with it its American counterpart, the Fusion, Ford paved the way for a new car that had been rumored since last summer.

The Shanghai Motor Show has revealed all the cards: the manufacturer has prepared a stylish cross-liftback, which is called Evos.

Its first market will be China, and then the car will be sold in Australia, New Zealand and the UK, where Ford has already registered the Mondeo Evos trademark.

Some experts expect the model to come to the United States as well, but according to the statements of Ford company manager Mike Levin, while this coupe-like crossover has been tasked to prove itself in the Chinese market.


The car presented in Shanghai has the status of a pre-production version, so it may slightly change before it appears on the assembly line.

Ford Mondeo Evos 2022.

From the disclosed information about the design of the car: front-wheel drive, extended in length platform from the Focus, multi-link suspension and 20-inch wheels in the initial configuration.

The exterior of the 2022 Ford Mondeo Evos model year reveals a noticeable similarity to the Mustang Mach-E, and this model sees its direct competitor with the recently debuted Citroen C5 X cross-liftback, which has practically the same dimensions, the same body format and is also designed mainly for Chinese consumer.

Ford Mondeo Evos 2022.

Inside, the American crossover boasts a high-tech front console with a 12.3-inch «tidy» and a huge 1.1-meter (27 inches diagonal) multimedia touch screen.

It is said that behind the colorful interface hides the latest Sync + 2.0 system, which supports all modern online services and is able to update its software via Bluetooth, and the complex of on-board devices includes a new version of Ford’s proprietary autopilot, which is called BlueCruise.

Specifications and filling

The manufacturer did not say a word about the technical component of the 2022 Ford Mondeo Evos, but insiders confirm the choice of developers in favor of a hybrid power plant.

Ford Mondeo Evos 2022.

However, the fact that the cross-liftback will definitely not turn out to be purely battery-powered is hinted at by real exhaust pipes located on the rear bumper.

In addition, this model should not be opposed to the electric Mustang Mach-E, although its class is clearly a few steps below.

Since Evos will be sold only in the Middle Kingdom for now, it will not have diesel engines, and the manufacturer will focus on rechargeable hybrids with an autonomous mileage of at least 50 kilometers.

Ford Mondeo Evos 2022.

When will it be released in Russia?

Official sales of Mondeo / Fusion should end in spring 2022, and assembly of these cars in Europe will be completed at the same time.

Probably, at this time, the serial version of the new cross-liftback will enter the market, which may well be on the Russian market.

An obstacle for this can only be the features of the motor range, because so far the developers are guided only by buyers from China.

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