Ford Puma 2022.

Ford Puma 2022.

Ford Puma 2022.

Ford Puma 2022: a small parkette with a bright appearance and interesting functionality.

The popularity in the modern automotive world of the «cross-hatchback» format has prompted the engineers and designers of the Ford company to produce its own version of such a car.

Built on the basis of the quite popular Fiesta hatchback in our country, the Ford Puma 2022 attracts attention with its ultra-modern appearance, comfortable, quite large interior and trunk, as well as excellent under-the-hood equipment, the characteristics of which will allow the car to cope with most road situations.


Even from the first photos of the cross-hatch, we can conclude that the exterior will be a strong point of the car.

This is an elevated hatchback, in the style of which are guessed as a typical Ford developments, and the usual features of European models.

The front end of the new body looks bright and unusual. It begins with a panoramic tilted glass and turns into a high rounded hood with teardrop-shaped headlights in the style of Porsche, inside of which is a quality LED filling. Below it is a wide «smile» of the oval black-plastic grille with a large pattern.

The Ford Puma 2022 bodykit does not stand out much from the overall design of the muzzle and contains aerodynamic transitions, a license plate pad, a trapezoidal backup air intake, and a complex-shaped decorative insert with round LED foglights embedded in its corners.

Ford Puma 2022.

On the side, the new model features smooth relief on the puffy doors and fenders, as well as a gradually descending roof to the rear, the shape of which is emphasized by a drop-shaped window figure in black and plastic trim.

Completing the look are small rounded mirrors on stylish legs, slightly protruding door handles, massive sills with decorative overlays, and perfectly shaped wheel arches with large bright discs inside.

Rather appreciable restyling has touched the stern of the crossover. Under the shark fin of the antenna is located massive visor-spoiler with repeaters of stoplights and plastic supports on the sides.

All this hides slightly sloped rounded glass, smoothly passing into a small embossed lid of the luggage compartment. The large oval parking lights contain bright LED roundings, perfectly identifying the car on the road in all visibility conditions.

The high trim consists of a deep stamping for the license plate, fog lights and a black-plastic diffuser with a wave-like insert in the body color at the very bottom, from which a single chrome exhaust system spigot protrudes.

Ford Puma 2022.


Interior of the new Ford Puma 2022 model year is decorated not the most expensive plastic, fabric and leather, but contains a lot of modern technology solutions, a good multimedia system, and boasts a fairly comfortable seats, suitable for both short trips around town, and for long road trips.

Controls and controls

The car’s steering wheel seems unnecessarily puffy, has a traditional Ford shape with a straightening at the bottom, and lots of buttons on the side spokes.

Just behind it is a view of the dashboard, which can be either standard or virtual. Slightly to the right of it will be the tablet of the multimedia center, and a little lower — a strip of physical keys and «taps», ventilation deflectors and climate control unit.

The central tunnel contains a recess for small things, a place for gadget charging, as well as the technical panel, consisting of several buttons and a very archaic gear lever. This element ends with a high-quality leather armrest with a cooled glove compartment inside.

Ford Puma 2022.

Seats and luggage compartment

The car will have five fairly comfortable, padded leather seats with signature red stitching. The front row has advanced side support, heating and branded headrests, and can be equipped with a lumbar massager and seat covers for an extra charge.

The back row provides riders with the ability to recline the back of the sofa, and in the absence of a central passenger, use the multifunctional armrest.

The luggage compartment will be one of the largest in its class: more than 450 liters of luggage in the camping position, with 80 liters of dirty things can be placed in a recess under the floor.

This MegaBox, according to the manufacturers assurance, can be safely washed with a hose, and in case of need to transport large volumes of cargo — there is a possibility to fold the rear couch, increasing the original figure in 2.5 times.

Technical characteristics

Initially, the Ford Puma 2022 will be equipped with a six-speed «mechanics», to which a seven-speed «robot» will be added later. Drive in all versions of the car will be only front.

As for the engines, in the base will be installed a three-cylinder liter turbocharged petrol engine, capable to give out 125 «horses».

In addition, the lineup will be present and hybrids with an output of 125 to 155 horsepower in the gasoline engine and 15.6 powers — in a complementary starter-generator.

Ford Puma 2022.

Acceleration characteristics of new items are rather average — it needs from 9 to 10 seconds to gain the first «hundred» and the maximum speed will not exceed 190 km/h.

But, as shown by test-drive, the car has a low fuel consumption: 4.5 to 6.5 liters per hundred kilometers, depending on the modification of the engine.

Options and prices

Traditionally, the car will be released in three configurations. The cost of the starting model will overcome an impressive mark in 22500 euros, and the price of the most advanced version will be approximately 6000 units of European currency more.

Competing models

Among the main competitors of the mini-crossover for the purse of the buyer are Opel Mokka, Nissan Qashqai, Renault Capture and partly Kia Sportage.

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