Ford Ranger 2022.

Ford Ranger 2022.

Ford Ranger 2022.

Ford Ranger 2022. The next-generation Ford Ranger pickup is on its way.

These are the first official photos of the new generation Ford Ranger pickup.

So far the vehicles are being tested and wrapped in camouflage, but the premiere will take place this year.

And on the world market the new Ranger will be released in 2022, replacing the current model, which appeared ten years ago.

It is already clear that from the outside Ranger will look like the older American pickup Ford F-150 with its large brackets of diode running lights.

Frame construction, continuous rear axle, and several variants of the cabin will remain (the video shows versions with two-row and «one-and-a-half» cabs).

There is no information about the equipment is not available yet, but the most important update should be a modern electronics.

We are talking about multimedia with extensive online capabilities, as well as safety systems.

For example, the present Ranger has neither blind spot monitoring system, nor all-around cameras.

All this will appear in the new model, and details are expected very soon.

Ford Ranger 2022.

After the Ranger will be released its closest relative — Volkswagen Amarok of the second generation, which will be the first production model created as part of a new stage of cooperation between Ford and Volkswagen.

Ford is responsible for the development of a common family, the pickups will share a platform and a range of units, and both cars will be produced at the same Ford plant in South Africa.

Features of the Ford Ranger 2022 have been revealed.

At the time the current generation Ford Ranger hit the auto market in 2018, the pickup looked a bit dated. But the new-generation 2022 model doesn’t face that.

Ford Ranger 2022.

This conclusion can be reached thanks to spy photos of the new model, which is undergoing some fine-tuning before its official release.

Despite the large amount of camouflage on the test prototype, it is impossible to hide the fact that the new Ranger will look a lot like the new larger Ford F-150, which is the most popular pickup truck in the world.

And both models are built on the same platform and have a similar design.

This immediately catches the eye, as the Ramnik has vertically mounted headlights and C-shaped daytime running lights, like its older brother (source).

New Ford Ranger 2022

The similarities don’t end there. The 2022 Ranger will likely have an F-150-style grille as well.

Of course, because of the carefully applied camouflage, the details are hard to make out. But it’s clear that the prototype has a grille, divided into two parts.

Ford Ranger 2022.

Ford logo is installed between them. Otherwise, of course, the model will be more original and have quite streamlined forms. In the rear, for example, expect completely new lights.

Nothing has been said officially about the interior yet, but most likely, there will be serious changes. Better materials and a more modern design should be used inside.

Also expected is a new multimedia system SYNC 4 to replace the current, outdated SYNC 3 with an 8-inch display.

The Ford Ranger may be assembled on the second-generation T6 platform, which is the basis of the Bronco.

Ford Ranger 2022.

That’s not surprising, since both cars are assembled at the same plant in Michigan.

There are countless rumors about the engines to be installed in the new Ford Ranger, but one of them is likely to be definitely put in the novelty.

It’s the 2.3-liter four-cylinder EcoBoost. It’s rated at 270 hp and 420 N*m of torque.

Although the company remains silent about the basic specifications of the model, its representatives said that the new pickup will debut in early 2022.

The date was announced as part of a partnership between Ford and Volkswagen that will result in a Ranger-based successor to the Amarok.

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