Ford Ranger SuperCrew 2023.

Ford Ranger SuperCrew 2023.

Ford Ranger SuperCrew 2023.

Spotted test prototype Ford Ranger SuperCrew: this version has a larger wheelbase and 5 seats in the cabin.

In fact, the new Ranger has not yet debuted in the United States.

Around the world, the model was shown last year, so there are no secrets in the design or transmission, there may be only small differences depending on the market.

However, the Ford Ranger SuperCrew 2023 has been spotted on tests, which has increased dimensions.

It is likely that this version will be available only in the U.S., because in that region such cars are bought the most.

The SuperCrew has a larger cabin and more space in the rear compartment than the standard model.

Ford Ranger SuperCrew 2023.

The length of the rear compartment is approximately 182 centimeters, and American customers will definitely like it.

There are five seats in the cabin at once, and we have not previously seen such a modification in other markets, so the idea that the model will go on sale only in America is realistic.

Ford Ranger SuperCrew 2023.

It will be interesting to see if the debut of this pickup will affect the demand for the F-150, because this car has even larger dimensions and much more space in the back.

Therefore, it is likely that the company’s best-selling pickup will still take the top spot in popularity.

Ford Ranger SuperCrew 2023.

As for the regular Ranger, it offers a modern dashboard and a large screen for the infotainment system.

It is unlikely that the American brand will make any changes to the configuration of the interior.

Most likely, no turbo diesel engines will be offered, as in other markets.

Ford Ranger SuperCrew 2023.

Instead, the 2.3-liter turbocharged gasoline unit should return, and a V6 is also likely to appear. The Raptor version has already been confirmed.

It has a 400-horsepower 3.0-liter engine. The car will go on sale only next year, but before that event, it will definitely debut on the territory of America.

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