Ford Territory 2021.

Ford Territory 2021.

Ford Territory 2021.

Ford Territory 2021: entry-level electric car for the Chinese market.

The new version of the budget electric car Ford Territory 2021 is a cosmetic restyling of the Chinese prototype — JMC Yusheng S330.

Such a step was caused by the need to unify the car on the Chinese platform for the specific features of the crossover market of the Celestial Empire.

It should be recognized that the modernization of the novelty has succeeded in all respects, the new crossover model looks stylish, dynamic and attractive.

A characteristic feature of the new version of the Chinese Ford is the presence of aggressive style details in the exterior.

The exterior of

The new version of the crossover demonstrates a combination of layout classics with completely new design developments.

According to tradition, the most striking and expressive elements of the body décor are concentrated on its front end. In sight:

wide glossy perimeter of the windshield;
decorative longitudinal reliefs and angular front edge of the sloping hood;
multifunctional blocks of front LED lights;
chrome-plated horizontal slats of the upper air intake and hexagonal radiator grille performing decorative functions.

Ford Territory 2021.

It should be noted the absence of typical European crossover layout plastic trim and lower body perimeter trim.

The design of the lower segment of the front end includes a set of fog lights combined with turn signals and a compact format of the lower air vent.

The chrome-plated brand logo and the overlays, as well as the harmonious combination of stepped and wave reliefs, are part of the decorating functions.

In the side view photo, the new crossover body confidently demonstrates:

chrome rails and a gentle slope of the domed roof;
black glossy perimeter and wide side window pillars;
the angular configuration of the mirrors with integrated turn signals;

The dynamic stepped reliefs concentrated on the sides and on the contours of the voluminous wheel arches.

Ford Territory 2021.

The crossover status of the Ford Territory 2021 electric vehicle is confirmed by the aft design of the electric vehicle. In the zone of attention:

The subtle edge of the complemented stoplight spoiler visor and the steep slope of the rear window;
the massive chrome trim that visually connects the inner sections of the stylish lights;
compact luggage compartment door format.

The lower stern is equipped with a ribbed horizontal bumper profile, a set of fog lights and a diagonal arrangement of the protective panel of the plastic trim.

The novelty attracts attention with excellent aerodynamics and muscular body texture, bright and expressive appearance, off-road functionality of external attachments.


The budget category of the new electric car can be seen in the limited range of interior finishing and decorating materials.

There are fabrics and imitation leather, facing plastic and polished aluminum. The interior is dominated by the Spartan style, with a nominal set of technical and electronic equipment.

Ford Territory 2021.

Despite the budget category, the Ford Territory 2021 electric car has a remote control function for the main options, an advanced multimedia system, climate control, navigation and active safety systems.

The manufacturer also promises to significantly expand the list of functional and comfort-creating pay options.

The upper segment of the multifunction steering wheel, supplemented with command buttons, provides an excellent overview of the highly informative dashboard.

The central console includes a block of deflectors, a 7-inch media-command display and a remote control with a few elements of activation of component options.

As part of the central tunnel technical sector with a washer to select the driving modes, two rows of analog buttons, cup holders and organizers.

An armrest, which combines the function of a well cover for personal items and small luggage, completes the design of the tunnel.

Ford Territory 2021.

Supplemented with a full side support, ergonomic first-row seats are well-profiled and comfortable enough. Seat service is nominal, height adjustment, in the top version — heated seats.

Rear sofa seats for three seats are available with the ability to change the back tilt.

The design provides for partial transformation of the second row, necessary to increase the volume of the luggage compartment from 480 to 1350 liters.

A full-size spare tire and a set of on-board tools are located in a curtain-covered luggage compartment recess.


Realized in proportional ratios of 4856 x 1898 and 1795 exterior dimensions of the body are copied from the gasoline-powered predecessor without changes.

The running gear with 185 mm clearance is equipped with independent Macpherson and multi-lever suspension, stabilizer bars, disc brakes, and a nominal set of safety systems.

The electric motor provides modern starting and speed characteristics according to current standards, in the equivalent of 161 hp / 280 Nm of peak traction.

The energy source is a battery with an increased capacity of up to 60.4 kWh. Test drive confirms the company’s claim of up to 435 km range without intermediate charging.

Features and prices

The new Ford Territory 2021 model year will be offered in two modifications, with different technical and electronic equipment options. In dollar terms, the starting price of the base version starts at $24,400.

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