GAC GS8 2022.

GAC GS8 2022.

GAC GS8 2022.

GAC GS8 2022. A completely new generation of the Chinese SUV has been unveiled.

The Chinese company GAC has sold in Russia only 317 cars in the first half of 2021 against the background of 16,000 for Haval and 15,000 for Chery.

The modest figures do not embarrass the automaker, who remains confident that our market will like modern crossovers and SUVs at relatively affordable prices.

And while Russian motorists only look closely at the flagship of the brand — big three-row GS8, the updated version of the model — GAC GS8 of 2022 model year, second generation — has already appeared in public in China.

Crossover decided to move from the Fiat «truck» CPMA to its own GPMA, which, although it retained the standard front-wheel drive architecture with a multilever suspension and transverse engine, but made the Chinese SUV larger: additional 120 mm in wheelbase appeared. (2,920 mm.), and in body length — 144 mm. (4980 mm).

Technically» GAC GS8 2022 model year is also preparing to update the transmission, which is put on a conventional and hybrid modifications, but the changes in the interior are still carefully hidden.

At the presentation of the car the public saw a body with heavily tinted windows and locked doors.

GAC GS8 2022.

Overview of the 2nd generation.

The flagship SUV GS8 should inspire awe and respect, that is to be big and brutal to the maximum.

Adhering to such an approach, the Chinese have made the body more octagonal and linear, and decorated its front by a huge mesh grille and «chiseled» bumper.

Massive underframe of this car is also given by widely spaced vertical headlights, and even more formidable designers decided to make a hybrid.

This version of the new GAC GS8 will be equipped with a special grille with a pattern, this time without unnecessary fancy resembling sharp teeth in the mouth of an unknown predator.

In addition, the hybrid will have «own» wheel rims and additional colors of body paint.

GAC GS8 2022.

Interior GAC GS8 2022.

The interior of the Chinese SUV from the very beginning caused only the most positive reviews from observers.

It is very harmonious, comfortable and not devoid of modern systems, which are offered in the initial configuration.

Not taking into account the analog «dashboard», otherwise the base variant of the flagship is equipped perfectly: three-zone climate control, ventilation and electric front seats, cruise control, Parktronic «around the circle», xenon, rearview camera and a central 10″ display.

It is easy to assume that the car of the second generation will have even richer equipment, and the most expensive version will have all high-tech «pots» such as projection screen, adaptive «cruise», voice assistant, cameras «through» the hood, etc.

GAC GS8 2022.

Technical specifications and contents

Preliminarily GAC GS8 2022 model year will retain the old engines: 2.0-liter turbo gasoline 252 hp and hybrid based on this motor.

It is known that the «base» torque of the power plant will increase to 400 Nm, but in Russia the cars will continue to arrive with the de-energized versions of motors.

Transmission for the internal combustion engine will be a «box» 8-ACP instead of the former six-speed, and gasoline-electric unit will add electromechanical variator Toyota Hybrid System, which is put on the modern Toyota and Lexus.

GAC GS8 2022.

When will it be released in Russia?

GAC company management has promised to release the novelty in the next fall, but only in its homeland.

In this case the old version will be sold in parallel with the new one, which does not mean a complete change of generation on a global scale.

It is likely that the updated GS8 will be released on the world market only in 2022.

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