Geely Atlas Pro 2022.

Geely Atlas Pro 2022.

Geely Atlas Pro 2022.

Geely Atlas Pro 2022. Geely has increased its sales in Russia by 1.5 times in October 2021.

The Chinese brand continues to actively develop on the Russian market. It is also worth noting the successful debut of the new Atlas Pro crossover.

Last month, our compatriots bought 3,002 cars with Geely logo, which was better than the result of October last year by 49%.

Bestseller of the brand became a small crossover Coolray with the result of 1,294 sold cars. Sales of this model rose by 51%.

The classic version Geely Atlas was sold 820 copies, which corresponds to 17% reduction in demand compared to the previous year.

The new crossover Geely Atlas Pro had a great start. October was the first full month of sales in our country.

According to its results 515 of these cars were sold. During the first 10 months of 2021 the Russians have already bought 19,653 new Geely cars — «plus» 67% over the same period last year.

Many car enthusiasts in Russia were waiting for the moment when the Chinese model Geely Atlas Pro 2022 would go on sale, however, it turned out that this car was nothing more than a restyled update of the standard Atlas in the first generation.

Geely Atlas Pro 2022.

The auto was introduced back in the summer of 2019, but sales didn’t start until August 2021. The car is a serious competitor for the Kia Sportage, Hyundai Tucson, Mazda CX-5 and Haval H6.

In the Russian market, the car is sold in two configurations at a price of 2,119,990 — 2,184,990. Traditionally, in addition to the standard equipment, the model’s equipment can be expanded for a surcharge.

Technical Specifications

Chinese crossover Jili Atlas Pro 2022 in the new body, car enthusiasts have been waiting largely because of its technical characteristics.

Fans of the brand were not so impressed by the prices and the stated packages, as much as the power part of the car.

In comparison with its predecessor, this model became a «hybrid» with all-wheel drive, which itself deserves attention, given the rapid growth in the popularity of such cars on the Russian market.

Geely Atlas Pro 2022.

If we talk about the exterior of the Pro version, it is not so significantly different from the standard modification, which can be assessed by the photo in the article.

Russian buyers «Chinese» is available with a hybrid unit, where the basis is a 1.5-liter turbocharged gasoline engine.

The total capacity of the unit is 177 horsepower, as well as 255 N*m of torque.

As standard, the «Chinese» is equipped with a 7-speed robotized gearbox and all-wheel drive system.

The engine is economical and will spend an average of 6.8 liters of fuel (gasoline AI-92) per 100 kilometers.

The car can boast not only economical, but also impressive dynamic performance.

Up to a hundred from a place the car will accelerate under optimum conditions for 9.9 seconds, while the «maximum» is limited to 200 km / h.

Geely Atlas Pro 2022.

This model in terms of harmful emissions into the atmosphere fully complies with the environmental standard Euro-6.

The length of a five-seat Chinese cross reaches 4,544 mm, width 1,831 mm, height 1,713 mm.

Wheelbase of the vehicle is 2 670 mm. Clearance — 171 mm. This spacious cross with five seats has not received a spacious luggage compartment.

In the standard version, the trunk of the car can accommodate no more than 378 liters of cargo. Of course, since we are talking about a five-door car, the volume can actually be tripled by removing the rear row of passenger seats. The tank holds 58 liters of fuel.

Options and Prices

Russian buyers this model is available in the generations Flagship and Flagship+.

Soon other versions will be available as well.

Geely Atlas Pro 2022.

For such a model in the standard version will have to pay 2,119,990 to 2,184,990 rubles. Of course, if you take such a car with «extras», then the price tag will be much higher.


Compared to its predecessor the model has undergone not so dramatic changes in design, and the output is quite a stylish, recognizable and attractive parket.

Atlas Pro reminds something of Land Rover cars. Here you can see the same elegance, combined with brutality.

The car looks stylish on the photo, but in live it will not allow the owner to remain without attention from the outside.

The cabin of the parket is made in the best traditions of the Chinese car industry with the brand practicality and abundance of high-tech elements.

When boarding the cabin, you may get the feeling that you are behind the wheel of a model from the future. The layout is cleverly designed and successfully combined with decorative inserts.

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