Geely Coolray 2022.

Geely Coolray 2022.

Geely Coolray 2022.

Geely Coolray 2022. There are many compact crossovers on the Russian automobile market, but recently models from Chinese manufacturers are deserving more and more attention.

These cars attract interest due to their attractive price and rich technical equipment.

A striking example is the Chinese Jili Kulrail 2022, which is a competitor for the Hyundai Creta, Mitsubishi ASX, Kia Seltos and Renault Kaptur.

Now this crossover is presented in Russia in three main configurations with a price tag of 1,359,990 rubles for the Comfort version, 1,519,990 for the Luxury modification and 1,679,990 rubles for the Flagship variation.

Technical Specifications

Since the Chinese model actually turned out to be very interesting, consider the Jili Coolrail 2022, presented in Russia in the new body, should be fully, deconstructing the equipment, the prices provided by the manufacturer, highlighting the appearance of the model, which can be appreciated by photo or visual review, and also pay attention to the technical characteristics, touching the main points and the power part of the Chinese vehicle.

At the moment, variations of the crossover presented in the Russian market are equipped with a turbocharged gasoline engine without any alternative.

Geely Coolray 2022.

We are talking about 1.5-liter setup for 150 horsepower and 255 N*m of torque.

This engine is paired with a seven-speed robotized gearbox with two clutches.

In Russia, only front-wheel-drive variants of the car are available, which have the following dimensions:

length — 4,330 mm;
width — 1 800 mm;
height — 1 609 mm;
wheelbase — 2 600 mm;
ground clearance — 180 mm;
curb weight — 1 415 kg.

In this case we are talking about a five-seat crossover with a spacious luggage compartment, which can hold a cargo of up to 330 liters.

The fuel tank of this car holds 45 liters, which provides not the most impressive range.

Geely Coolray 2022.

As the main fuel mixture is used gasoline AI-92. On average, the car will spend about 5.7 liters of fuel per 100 kilometers in the mixed cycle.

The model boasts a good dynamics and a maximum speed of 190 km/h.

Features and prices

When reviewing the crossover Jili Coolrail 2022, special attention should be paid to the packages presented for sale on the Russian car market.

We are talking about Comfort, Luxury and Flagship versions. The cost of this model varies in the range from 1,359,990 to 1,679,990 rubles.

Geely Coolray 2022.

The price tag is significantly influenced by the equipment, since the powertrain and drive type do not change, regardless of the modification chosen by the potential buyer.


Of course, in the process of reviewing this model, it is impossible to ignore its appearance.

In this regard, we can not say that the crossover stands out noticeably against the background of its competitors.

It would be more accurate to specify that this model looks more attractive than its main competitors.

The crossover has got youth silhouette with sports notes, and also some aggressive outlines.

If you pay attention to the front part, it is somewhat similar to the front side of the Nissan Qashqai.

Here, too, there are spectacular optics, a compact grille and a powerful chin.

As for the arrangement of the interior, it is made in the usual style for the model from the company Geely.

Geely Coolray 2022.

At first glance, the design looks spectacular and attractive, but at the same time is clearly noticeable cheapness of the materials used.

Of course, the motorist can see the poor quality of plastic or not the best paneling only if he will risk to move to this model from a more expensive vehicle of a higher class.

In other situations, the high-tech and stylish interior design will be to his liking.

Safety .

Any modern motorist before buying a particular vehicle, necessarily pays attention to the safety of the model.

In this regard, we can not say that the «Chinese» grabbed stars from the sky. The model is not inferior to the competition in terms of safety, but it is definitely not the best option.

According to the results of C-NCAP crash-tests, the cross has got the parameter, comparable with «Five stars» rating, but it is only conditionally and with some stretch.

Even though the model received many safety systems, but in the base version it is equipped with only two airbags, which is not enough in frontal accidents.

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